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2/5/2006 9:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I have been pondering the effects of alcohol on a person. Not the obvious effects, but the more subtle ones.
This is what started it. I was dining in a restaurant and had a glass of wine with my meal, and then after eating, and while waiting for the band ‒ I had a martini (mixed drinks aren’t something that I drink often, but man this thing was yummy ‒ Jack Daniels, Citrus Vodka, and then I am not sure what after that!! lol) and then I had another martini. I immensely enjoyed the band, I had a great meal, and in total had one glass of wine, and 3 martinis. So while I was ‘tipsy’ (I could definitely feel the effects) I wasn’t “drunk”.

When I returned to my hotel room I pulled out my toy and proceeded to masturbate. This is where the pondering started (well not right away, but when I was done). When I have had more than a couple of drinks it seems to delay the orgasm. Now most times this is a good thing, extending that pleasurable feeling is what it’s all about isn’t it? The question is what is it about alcohol that increases sensation, yet reduces orgasm? And then just to confuse the issue; if I have too much to drink the odds of me reaching orgasm begin to diminish!

For me there appears to be a nice grey (or perhaps it is actually a hazy pink) area with my alcohol effects and sex! Extended time for me to reach orgasm = increased pleasure. Lovely! But on the far side of that hazy pink curtain is the “I am NEVER going to orgasm”. When alone, this is just something I accept, but when there is a real live man involved it can become an exercise in frustration (at least that’s what I remember!!)

Are there others out there who must watch alcohol intake in anticipation of the sex to follow? Any ideas as to why (without getting too technical) our ‘pleasure centres’ react the way they do to the alcohol? If a guy is drunk, gets hard and can’t orgasm, does he stay hard? At some point would some female riding him become painful and annoying? I have this picture in my head of a Viagra hard-on that I could just ride and ride and ride!! Unfortunately when the man I am with is that drunk, generally so am I (and that’s just sad)

Anyway, that is one of the things I pondered while in Victoria this week ‒ better than watching the rain!

angelgrrl 49F

2/5/2006 9:48 pm

I don't know the answers either, but I do know I don't like being with a man who's been drinking; there's just something not sexy to me about the smell of alcohol. And yes, it delays my orgasm, and I'd rather have 3 or 4 orgasms than one delayed one

rm_sexxielynn 53F
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2/6/2006 6:17 am

Mccobb - 'whiskey dick' good one! good thing that is generally a loner thing! Sure wouldn't endear you to the ladies(and I guess that answers part of my question - you don't get hard and stay hard, you just don't get hard!!)

angel, ya I guess that you have a good point, multiple orgasms are better than one anyday!!

4uoralrewards 57M
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2/6/2006 9:36 am

Honestly, my experience has been different on numerous occasions when I've been drinking.

I submit, for your approval, that we get together and perform a controlled experiment.

We will start at one drink each and I will perform whatever erotic act you prefer that will bring you to climax. We will have another drink and I will perform the same act....this of course would have to continue until we gathered enough data to draw a reasonable conclusion.

I will add, that after the effects of five drinks the results may become which case the experiment would have to start again.

rm_sexxielynn 53F
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2/6/2006 6:21 pm

Sounds like an interesting experiment

rm_FreddyNG69 60M
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2/8/2006 11:49 am

I don't think that waiting for a female or myself to have had enough booze to get into the sack is a particular burning desire of mine. After all I do remember some of my youth spent getting happy and getting together a similar female and having her puke in my car, on my clothes, or down the side of my car.

Now, it is even less appealing.

I also think that by being sort of sober, you can both understand the needs of the other, and get to a pleasure place that you can't if your nerves and brain are drowning or numbed by booze.

Now that is not to say I don't enjoy libations, but if I am going to be involved in some physical exercise that entails having something hard for a while, I will curtail the booze.

The reason booze helps in some cases, is that it lowers the inhibitions and allows people to maybe relax in what can be a tense situation.

Fortunately the situation that can happen will be able to relax all of the muscles that may have gotten stiff and hard. That goes for the male's appendage, and the little man in the boat and headlights that seem to be on with the females.

It is not that alcohol increases sensation, but might open your mind to enjoying them more. When you are stone cold sober your mind might be hampered by past teaching or upbringing or experiences, that are some what hidden by the booze. I have yet to find that it reduces my orgasms, either in recieving or giving.

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