Another boring post  

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7/2/2006 8:30 am

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Another boring post

I had a fabulous June.
Got over some mental/emotional issues.
Worked hard, banked some overtime.
Got out of the house to do stuff for me, without worrying that I didn't have a guy to do those things with.

Last weekend I spent most of at a music festival. Blues music. Saw some fabulous singers, even if I did miss THE headliner (had to work, but every hour of that was o/t) I love festivals. You buys your ticket, and then you sits and enjoys the music. Some of the acts I was familiar with, and some I had never heard of. I volunteered at this festival so I didn't even have to fork out any money! Left me more money to buy new cd's with!

I worked my tail off again this past week. Got stranded (sorta) in Regina when my morning flight was cancelled. Thank god for libraries and movie theatres. Not sure how else I would've survived 12 hours with 'nothing to do'! I worked with a terrific pair of guys this week too. And I could tell my hormones are raging as I would've had sex with either one (or both?) of them - and neither of them quite 'fits' my normal 'requirements'.

Now I am home for a spell. So far I have spent it relaxing.
My original plan for yesterday was to spend it celebrating Canada Day in the park and wave the flag. Had a nap instead.
Today, well. There is a small disaster area in my living space. Happens every time I am not consistently home, I breeze through put things down where they don't belong, and pile dirty laundry in the corner. So it's either tidy the house & do laundry. Or go outside and enjoy the sun.

I'm thinkin' I'll be outside.

Thanks for listening, it's been awhile

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