KY party  

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6/22/2006 10:18 pm

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KY party

I met two roomates at the U of A last month. They were both hot and I had a problem arising when I heard they both liked me. Problem was which one would I get, which one I like, and would I possibly lose a chance with both. They were inseperable. Thus I took them both out together.

After a night of drinks and talking at savoy, we went back to their house for a blunt. We continued to drink and when one got up to use the bathroom I made my move on one of them.

She was wearing a longer skirt but to my suprise no panties. I quickly whispered some dirty fun things in her ear and started to rub her tits. She promptly started to rub my cock (weirdly she pinched the top of my cock, it hurt, but I sort of liked it) I pulled up her skirt and started to finger her just as her roomate came into the room. She was a little disturbed or hurt and stormed out. Me and the other girl stopped and i left shortly after. A couple of days later she called me and we fucked in a nearby parkade. Unsatisfied I proposed a fun idea which included the three of us, plastic and KY jelly. All she had to do was convince her roomate to join in the festivities.

Friday came around and the plan was set. I put plastic covering all over my hardwood floor and corners of the wall, put the KY jelly everywhere. They arrived ready to go and we stipped to our undies and covered ourselves with the jelly. And quickly it was rampant sex. We rolled around at first laughing, kissing, groping. Then I quietly moved her roomates panties to one side and inserted my two fingers. She started to moan and the other girl started to masterbate to the program. Soon enough I was slipping my cock in and out of both their assholes while they kissed. We must have fucked at least 3 hours of and on. This is a must try

donnie50483 34M

6/22/2006 11:21 pm

i seen it on a adult movie before. it kind of cool. i might wanna try it.

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