A Cosmic Dance, in silica  

rm_sexlove624 62M
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8/4/2006 12:23 am
A Cosmic Dance, in silica

When ever I look at the profiles of potential partners, I think of this site as a cosmic dance. It is like a cosmic dance in the medium of silicon. It is a meeting of minds, in which, thoughts of the erotic are changed into electrons as we dance the special dance before we have face to face encounters of love making.
The dance hall is this website. We meet through the minds of each other and see our externals, as words and/or pictures and then we decide on the dance partners we would love to have for the dance, in silica; i.e., communication on the net and the face to face dance.
Both dances are cosmic. Our dance partner can be long distance or short didtance. However, the cosmic nature of this special erotic dance has as a central core the meeting of minds from the spaces of cultural differences, gender differences and our unique differences. We are still able to be turned on or turned off from each other, with passion and able to close the gaps that separate us as individuals.
Let's dance this special dance of love and enjoy the fun of the movements!

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