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rm_sexisicilian 46F
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4/14/2006 8:52 am
sex story

Strip tease
You stand on the livingroom coffee table and begin a slow, sexy sway to the music, grinding your hips and ass suggestively. Your hands trace their way up your thighs and hips, then across your stomach until you cup your tits. You move them back down and over your ass, turning around and pulling up your dress so he can see your naked ass. You dance down to a squatting position, opening your legs wide so he has a full view of your crotch covered with the thin red lace.

You sit down and roll onto your back, pulling your knees to your chest then spreading your legs wide. You begin thrusting your pussy and ass towards him while pinching your tits through your blouse. You roll over getting on all fours and continue gyrating your ass. By now your crotch is soaked. You are sure he can see your pussy showing through the wet material. You shove a hand inside and begin fingering your cunt. When you see him stroking his hard cock and you hear him moaning you have your first orgasm. You feel the juices pouring from your pussy as your body shakes and you gasp for air.

By now the song is half over and you hadn’t removed a single item of clothing. You quickly stand and let your skirt drop to the floor. Then you reach behind and unhook your bra, pulling it off from under your blouse. You tease him, playing with your tits. Finally you pull off your top. Then you turn your back to him; you shove your hand back in your panties and slowly gyrate to a squatting position while fingering your hard clit.

You stand back up, turn around and slide your thong over your ass, letting it fall to your ankles. You kick it off and then turn around exposing your well-trimmed bush with bright pink pussy lips peeking through. You walk up to him and with a sexy bump and grind that ends in a squat with your legs spread wide and your glistening cunt open to him. He puts his hand down between your legs and rubs your hot pussy, telling you “Lets go to the bedroom baby”

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