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11/18/2005 12:47 am

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Phycic - Sex - Power Head - Excited blog by bill

- first, i love this site -

I want to talk about my excited phycic sex power head, i'ts one of a kind. You have NEVER seen anything like this, I had it done on an alien space craft, I love the job they did, the BEST lazer surgery you can get.

I'm shaking just writting this, i'm running out of catholic guilt and with it shame. It is being replaced with joy - yet i know ive fallen and I want to goet up and stay up. My head was glowing and my whole body too.

after the surgery all they said in a very sincere gesture was "try to stay alive" and thats how my sexual interests have developed,

the buddhas eyes light up and i am humbles and I catch my breath. and the message is use your heart and breath and when you see it then youll understand and thats all i can tell you.

lord buddha sits on my computer as i repent and i breath...

you dont have to be on your own...

your the target that i'm aiming at can i get that message home...

my heart can break...

fate... free will, desire, detachement, space, time, travel, just settiing out for an incredible journey, living the reality that is what we all see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

see how you feel, you go backwards, but then.. you go forwards again...

creative then drilled and invaded... sound is converted to kinetic energy, releasing a shock wave that gets amplified with photon energy

the universe is sexual and perverse its the oddity that is the stimulus,

theres more...

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