Bright grey full moon  

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1/14/2006 4:30 pm

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Bright grey full moon

Today I feel like a total moron, a user pointed out that I was currently "attached", I guess I messed up on making my profile... could be some of the reason some people didn't respond. You know how there are those that explicitly say they won't respond if you're in a relationship.

I have a feeling a lot of crazy stuff will be happening tonight. Oh I'm not saying to me, I mean just in general.
It looks like the full moon is here and it's damn strong from what I can feel. Lunacy will kick in soon enough.
I seems like one of two things happens to me on a full moon, either I become completely drained of energy, or I become absolutely filled with it. ... This is one of those times where I have waay too much energy to go around. I could not even sleep last night until 6 in the morning.
One thing the full moon always does no matter what is put me waaay in the mood. But some might argue I'm a Scorpio and that's a given.

I don't know whether or not you believe in astrology or not (I do), but it seems when two Scorpio's are being sexual with eachother it's all business. There's no distractions, and everybody knows the drill (so to speak).

Do you have any full moon stories?

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