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4/18/2005 5:02 am

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more poetry ..

Angst of Love

It would be easier not to care about you,
Then I wouldn't wonder where you are or with who,
"I don't care" I could say, but that would not be true,
I think of your face,eyes,body and what you do,
To me,when you're crushed 'gainst me on the mattress,
Of our love night before,
Now it's day,frenzied pace and all it's stress,
You're not here and I feel-lonely,sad to the core,
"You live too far away,
And I don't ahve the money to see you", you say,
Am I too high maintenance for your or honest baby?
I ask as you jump out of airplanes and cart around your ex-wife,
I sit home alone,and wonder 'bout our next encounter and maybe,
'Bout getting some of that time you so freely give to the dead end friends in your life,
But Damn it!, not through a phone,
I say,"I like you, I really like you!"
But I can't see you when it's just convenient,so I'll stay on my own,
I used to be like you and also felt isolated,sad and lonely too,
But I got help and found other ways of feeling good about myself,
Now I'm really ready to love and be loved by someone,
pretty scarey taking me off the shelf,
Of my prison cell I built around me to ward off anyone,
Who got too close,
You got too close, and I came to care about you,
So run cause you got a dose,
Of the real me, the part I keep bottled and hidden from view,
The most beautiful part of me,that is-

yeh it is mine..about a lost love. what u think?! do u have a poem to share? What poets do u like ? I like Robert Frost ("fences make good neighbors..") Emily Dickinson...Today seems to be the poetry of choice. It can be a powerful medum when used in the spoken form. What u think?

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