Judge decided not to rule on Terry Shivo case..  

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3/24/2005 7:44 am

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Judge decided not to rule on Terry Shivo case..

so she is still without a feeding tube and is declining rapidly. I think they should b bringing her food in front of her in the interim to see if she will feed herself. what u think? Euthanasia is such a personal moral issue I think. Last night Dolores Claiborne was on with Kathy Bates and Jeniffer Jason Leigh,is she related to Vivian Leigh?,anyway they touched on this issue. kathy's employer was ill for years and she wanted to die and asked her to kill her. How do u feel about this issue/ the right to die?

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3/27/2005 7:57 am

I feel this way,we have the Heart and Compassion to but a beloved Pet out of its Misery if its suffering and in pain from an accident or an Illness,I am in Law enforcement and I'd have a hard time,having to arrest someone that helped a loved one out of a life of pain and suffering and into eternal Peace,God Bless You Terri Schivo


3/27/2005 10:39 am

So... Yes the Judge said the federal Government should not have anything to say about QOL (Quality of Life) issues at the State level.

But what does that mean? - It means really that the laws surrounding the big E, Assissted Suicide, etc, and when an individual gets to terminate their own life are in fact that individuals decision.

The real issue is the Christian issue with Suicide and the "Taking of any Life" beliefs since these are where virtually all of the laws preventing suicide have come from.

So, Terry Schivo is a lightning rod at this point but the real issue is that Terry's parents want to overturn Terry's own decree regarding her ongoing care.

This isnt about Terry's life at all, its about Terry's parent's captive control of their daughters existence IMHO... Pretty sad I would say.


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