EMAIL TURNOFFS! what r yours?  

rm_sensualart2 44F
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3/10/2005 4:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

EMAIL TURNOFFS! what r yours?

some of mine and perhaps the biggest one for me is the man who writes that he is here for discreet fun! He has no intention of getting to know me for anything beyone casual sex. I don't think sex with all it's responsibilities: possible prgegnancy due to condoms breaking,diseases,crazy dangerous strangers for trysts..ugh! name a few!!!! , is by any means casual,lol..but then taht is me! I also appreciate a pic of head and body in profile and not just a dick! Another annoyance is the man who doesn't bother to read the see if we r compatible in any way. it is just a waste of my time to read the absurd e mail and winks at this point. Very discouraging to say the least! Please tell me your experiences here. i haven't met anyone remotely interesting. Most r RUDE and tactless. Am glad I have not invested any money into this,bad enough I have spent a considerable ammount of time building my profile,blog,adding pix,joining groups,discussion boards,writing for magazine,joining friends networks..When will men get it that a woman is more thatn a piece? geez!

-Ann Looking for QUALITY over quantity!

mygmyg 60M

3/11/2005 7:42 am

Ann, find your blog interesting, thought provoking, and a regular search item when I perv the site, (unfortunately for me) almost daily. The allure, hope, intrigue, curiosity, disappointment, frustration seem to go hand in hand, (almost threw in the obvious male pun there) on the site.
Mail from non-readers of your profile who don't match your preferences should be delivered to the filtered mail in your message box. This is your first warning that they're not a match, tossing them in the trash bin might save you from the unwanted, distasteful, misguided males you speak of.
As a male I will read the filtered mails, 1) I just don't get the amount of contacts that the fems are bombarded with, 2)curiosity of what kicks them into the filtered box (should I adjust my preferences?) 3) ego needs/wants the attention (hey, somebody is interested in Me!!??).
Blogging will hopefully open a new avenue for better suited contacts and matches for all of us on the site. I have been contacted by several bloggers because of comments on their blogs. Of course distance is the hurdle in the mix here, but having connected on some level is enjoyable, and interacting, it is icing on the cake, raisins in the muffin.
Ann my past experiences have been okay, I was a gold member for 3 mths last year and no meetings resulted with the additional access. The addition of the blogs feature is fantastic. Yes, it needs to be refined, tweeked, but with time will get even better.
Ann there will always be men with the "piece" mentality, but there are those who view the gift of god, woman, from below the "pedestal" we place the fairer of the sexes on.
Finding someone Interesting? PRICELESS!!! Getting there attention....then their interest....and finding you "connect" .......well it may happen tommorrow. We won't find him/her in our closet or in the cupboard(damnit, I've got to get a bigger cupboard), this site is just another opportunity, good and bad!!

keithcancook 61M
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3/26/2005 10:32 am

I agree with mygmyg about the blogging. Haven't been here long enough get any e-mails and from what I am seeing in blogs around here I don't expect any. Still, doing nothing will get you nothing...

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