Here's how it might start. Still looking for the ending!  

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12/9/2005 1:34 am

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Here's how it might start. Still looking for the ending!

My beautiful wife, Mari´, is a true Mexican woman in every sense of the word. Curves as a woman should have, nice round ass, and hips that beg to be held on to during sex. 38d breasts with some of the largest nipples you can imagine. Her body has nice padding in all the right places that move rhythmically and sensuously when she rides me on top. Even when she’s clothed, she moves so sensually I get hard just thinking about her.

As conservative as we are, we love to get wild in the sack…teasing and sharing our fantasies, reading erotic literature, and watching adult movies.

She knows how much I love watching two women pleasuring each other, and Mari´ really gets my cock hard by indulging my fantasies. I really get excited, however, by pleasuring her, by getting her excited until her female cum drips out of her swollen pussy and I just indulge myself by swallowing all of her sweet juices that I can.

When I share my fantasies about her with another woman, her body instantly reacts and her pussy just starts gushing. Although she says that it’s because she knows how hot the thought of her and another women makes me, she’s also told me that a woman would know how to eat her pussy better than a man could…that a woman would probably know how to touch, caress, and please her in a special way. This just blows my mind!

One time during our love making, she let on about a female masseuse that became excited while working on her, and how excited it got her. I asked Mari´ what she would have done if the masseuse had roamed around near her pussy, and she admitted she just wouldn’t know until it happened. I’ve never forgotten this, and it has become the basis of many of my favorite fantasies.

Recently during a very torrid session of love making, we were mutually masturbating each other, and I was teasing her anally which drives her into frenzy. My cock was so thick from her firmly jacking me off, and from thinking about exploring her luscious ass with my throbbing head. I started whispering in her ear about my latest fantasy of seeing her with another woman, and she went into overload on the bed, fucking my hand with her ass, spreading her legs wide open and swallowing my other hand in her burning hot, wet pussy, pushing her erect nipples against me.

Her moans and sighs when she becomes overly excited just drive me wild! Right before she had a powerful orgasm, she started telling me how much she loves when I get nasty with her, and how she’d love to have a woman give her a massage, tease her, and explore her body. She started asking where we could find such a masseuse, and I almost came right in her hand, but managed to climb on that gorgeous body and enter her with my thick cock, driving it between her moist lips, and I unloaded inside of her almost on contact!

Well, one of our yearly romantic getaways was coming up, and I really wanted to give my baby a night to remember. I started looking for a special masseuse, and through some research on the net, found that what I wanted was a full body sensual massage by someone who does couples.

I couldn’t believe how difficult it was, but with some effort I finally came upon one that fit the bill. She was a certified therapeutic massage specialist that added a sensual touch. After a few phone interviews with her, I felt I had what I was looking for. I just had to make all the rest of the arrangements and hope for the best. I must say, I had to jack off after every phone conversation with her just thinking about what I was arranging…and I wasn’t even going to be a participant!

The night finally arrived, and I told Mari´ we were going to the hotel to shower and change. She couldn’t understand why we just couldn’t leave from the house, but I told her to trust me.

The hotel was a beautiful room with a magnificent view, and when we arrived I had already set up the room with flowers, soft music, and a few special presents for Mari´. I sent her into the shower, laid out a special outfit for her, and told her to meet me downstairs in the bar when she was done. I left instructions for her on the bed, and asked that she follow all of them.

After about an hour, I saw my gorgeous wife walking across the lobby floor into the bar area, wearing the outfit I had left for her. She was wearing a long flowing skirt that accented the curves and sway of her hips when she walked. Her top was a flowery print, silk blouse, sheer but not see through, with a plunging loose neckline to show off her cleavage. You could tell she was braless, but extremely tastefully so. Underneath it all, was a beautiful crotch less body suit. I could tell my instructions were followed because of the way her breasts moved under her blouse, and her nipples protruded faintly through the fabric. “She is amazing”, I thought, especially since she such a proper woman and never goes braless.

As she walked, her voluptuous body had men turning their heads, trying to get a glance of this beautiful, sexy woman with the alluring Guadalajara eyes. I remember a time when I was jealous of men looking at her due to my insecurity of having such a beautiful woman as my wife. Lately, however, I love when men look at her, because I know she’s all mine. It’s really become a turn on, just as I was feeling now. She walked across the bar floor, leaned her breasts into me as she gave me a kiss.

“I never thought I’d wear something like this, but I feel so sexy, knowing that you are so turned on by me”, she cooed.

I gave her a deep kiss, and told her just how sexy I thought she was. “Honey, I became instant hard just watching you walk across the floor right now!”

“Well, isn’t that what this night is all about, you bad boy”, she grinned.

“Well let’s get started Sweetie. Are you properly prepared?” I asked.

Instead of replying, she parted her skirt discreetly so only I could see her shaved pussy peeping through her bodysuit. Wrapped around her hips was a silent butterfly vibrator that had one protrusion between her hot, pink lips, and a vibrating nub rubbing on her clit. At the same time, she pulled the control out of the waste band of her skirt and gave me one of her delicious smiles!

“Now you’re going to find out what I go through having to spend a whole night walking around horny!” I told her. “You’re a bad, bad man…” she grinned back.

Dinner was excruciatingly difficult to get through, and I honestly don’t know which of us was the hornier. I kept turning on the silent controls of her hidden toy, and caressed her thigh while I watched her slowly close her eyes, slightly part her lips, and let out quiet sighs as she tried to control her body shivers. Her hand was roaming under the table, seeking out my hard cock through my pants, squeezing it with her own body rhythms. Eventually she sprung my swollen head from my zipper, rubbed her finger over my pre-cum, and then licked her finger for all to see in the restaurant. Little did anyone know what she was really licking!

She then reached under the table, and when she brought her hand out, she grabbed a small piece of bread and held it out for me to nibble on. At the last second though, instead of inserting the bread in my mouth, she put her finger in my mouth, covered with her own juices! I couldn’t believe I just tasted my wife’s pussy in front of the whole restaurant! She leaned over and whispered in my ear “Honey, payback’s a bitch!”

Every time the waitress came to the table my wife was either squeezing my dripping cock, or fingering herself. I just couldn’t believe the waitress missed all of this, although I did notice she was trying to catch a glimpse of my wife’s breasts every time she came to the table. I’m telling you, men and women alike love Mari´’s glorious chest!

We left the restaurant and headed for our usual stop at the Pleasure Chest, an upscale adult store in the middle of Hollywood. The store was always crowded at night with couples and single women. My wife casually strolled over to the dildos and vibrators and started weighing each one in her hands. What a sight!

“Sweetie, this one’s about as thick as yours, wouldn’t you say?” The women around her just stared as she smiled at my face growing red. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, but my wife was completely controlling the situation now, and I loved it! As I walked around the store, she just kept grinning at me over the aisles, waiting for her next opportunity. By this time I’m doing all I can to keep from exploding in my pants!

I passed a couple of women looking at a vibrator similar to the one my wife was wearing. I went up to them and excused myself. “You know, if you want to see how quiet those are, just stand next to my beautiful wife over there. She’s wearing one as we speak!” Both women broke out in a huge grin and made their way over to my wife. I caught Mari´’s eye and gave her a slight wave as the women moved right next to her.

I pulled out my phone, and called my wife from across the store. “Yes?” she answered.
“Sweetie”, I said. “Those two women are next to you because they’re trying to see if they can hear your toy!” I have never seen my wife’s eyes grow as large as they did right at that moment! She then squinted her eyes at me and said “Okay, baby, you want to play dirty!”

What happened next will be forever burned in my memory! Mari´ turned to one of the women and started talking to her. They both looked over at me and smiled. In the middle of what seemed to be a casual conversation, Mari´ suddenly pulled her skirt open and revealed her toy so only the two women could see! They were staring at it with great big grins on their face! Then one got on her knees to take a closer look, and reached out to touch it while Mari´ just smirked at me and put the phone back to her ear.

“Honey, I’m a bit busy right now, but we were all wondering if you’re able to even walk around the store with that hard on in your pants!”

“Sweetie, I give up! If I don’t get to the hotel soon, I’m gonna cum in my pants!” I whispered into the phone.

“Okay Baby, let me just pick out something special for tonight. Why don’t you just wait in the car?” Hell, that was a great idea as far as I was concerned, since I was already walking very stiffly!

As I was leaving, I noticed some friends of the two women join them and start talking to Mari´ as well, who had suddenly become the center of their attention. I went to the car, and reclined my seat, trying to compose myself enough to drive.

Mari´ finally made her way out just as my cock had returned to normalcy. “Are you done, you sexy little thing”, I asked her. “Hey, you asked for more than you could handle, so too bad! Now get me to the hotel because I really need that dick inside me!” she said.

“What did you guys talk about in there?” I ventured to ask.

“Oh, I just told them about our evening so far, about dinner and tasting each other at the table. They must have been impressed because they both went and grabbed one on these things”, she said as she opened up her dress to me.

I could see the trails of cum dripping down her thighs. “Do you think I’m wet enough?” she asked. I reached over to stroke hr pussy. “No, no, no, you bad boy! You’re going to have to wait!”

With that she opened her shopping bag, pulled out a vibrating pussy sleeve, and casually dripped lubricant in it in plain view of everyone driving by. She leaned forward, unzipped my pants, and pulled my swollen dick out, smiling at me the whole time.

Mari´, you’re gonna drip that stuff all over my pants!”

“Too bad! Now pay attention to your driving!” she said as she slipped the pussy sleeve over my cock and started jacking me off. All the way to the hotel, she’d bring me almost to climax, and then back off. Then she’d tenderly lick the pre-cum from my cock, swirling it around her lips before tasting it. I don’t know how many accidents I managed to avoid, or cause for that matter.

We finally arrived at the hotel, and luckily I was able to cover my stained, swollen pants with our overnight bag. Mari´ meanwhile was doing the same with our special red bag of tricks. We walked side by side, with Mari´ pressing her beautiful tits into my arm. What a different feeling with her being braless!

As we rode the elevator up to our room, I stood behind her holding her waist and nibbling on her shoulder. “I sure do love you Sweetie”, I whispered. She leaned into me and pressed that gorgeous ass into my groin. “Mmm,” she whispered back. “Likewise, my man.”

We literally fell through our doorway, and Mari´ pressed her tongue into my mouth, giving me the longest kiss I can remember. She reached down and started undoing my pants. “Not so fast Mari´”, I scolded her. “I said you were going to experience my daily frustrations and horniness”.

“But I already have” she moaned. Now I just need your tongue in my pussy…can’t you tell?” she said as she pushed my hand into her wetness.

“I have one more little surprise for you, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer Sweetie”, I replied.

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nice story. couldn't wait to try it on my wife. would love her lover to take control of the vibrator.

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