How women are treated on AdultFriendFinder  

rm_scrappybig69 56M
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7/9/2006 8:47 am
How women are treated on AdultFriendFinder

I have been here on AdultFriendFinder for some time now and have gotten to know some really great people here!I have had a lot of fun with the group of people in the lobby and will continue to do so, something has really started to bother me,some would say that this is some sort of a comeon to get women on my side or whatever.The fact of the matter is I really do not care what people think as this is my blog and i will write what i wish too!I have watched in horror at the deplorable way in which women and men are being treated here after all people we are not animals. I realize that is an adult site and what seems to be misssing is that key word ADULT since whenis it acceptable to treat these human beings as meat at the corner market?I know that i was not raised that way and i am sure you were not either. When did we as people decide that this type of behaviour was acceptable?Just because this is a sexually oriented site does not mean that we can or should forget what our parents taught us that there is a manner in which we treat other people and that is with respectand not just another piece of meat. It is time for some here to grow up and stop thinking with their crotch we are all people here lets act like it!

please_me1958 59F

1/18/2007 9:22 am

i never noticed scrappy............... > your right, some women and men are treated like the dirt under your feet

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