Didnt sleep at all!  

rm_scooby15068 46M
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7/17/2006 6:07 am
Didnt sleep at all!

Saturday night was actually drug induced. Let me edit that by advising you to never take original formula sudafed extended release within 24 hours of having to go to bed.
Randomly surfed that night, googling and gizzoogling web sites and comparing...(funniest tranliation was on realtor.com buyers became gangsta and sellers became muthafuckas.
Anyhow, I was fully functional Sunday so I thought Id write about how at 34 my body can still go 48+ without sleep (thanks to many practice sessions in college and playing in various bands and working the 7am shift the next day!)
Anyhow, I ended up joining this site in hopes of finding something new...good or bad...just new. So all in all not a bad nite! Laters.

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