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9/4/2006 6:54 am

So now I decided to publish my insignificant opinions in a blog as well. The topic will be taste in the most general sense. Which taste? Well, mine of course! Consistently subjective and unfair. Just the stuff that goes through my head while occasionally browsing the lists of participants here. At first sight, I'll deal with matters on the surface, but those who can read between the lines will also take notice of the deeper motivations behind my preferences and dislikes.

As you might now, there are roughly 39 times as many men as women hanging out here. At first sight a rather uneven distribution of chances. But then, as ERdosDdos (blog) noted correctly, if maybe somewhat exaggerated, in the magazine, 38 of those 39 men will disqualify themselves just by what they write in their profile and their e-mails. So if we only account for the "reasonable" males, and ignore the remaining technical obstacles, then the chances should almost balance out again.

But I'll actually reverse the tables in my blog. After all, there are quite a few female profiles that don't immediately appeal to me either. I'm going to do something apparently counterproductive, and criticize members of the same user group the favour if which - why else would I be here? - I'm actually trying to win. To make things worse, I'll be restricted to judging the thumbnail images visible in the search lists in most cases. Off to a glorious battle of postage stamp critique!

Let's get over the most obvious sin right away, the apparently unavoidable close-up shots of the lower body parts, be it from the front or from the back (I also happen to have something like that in my profile, but certainly not as the main picture!). In a magazine post, 69maus66 (blog) fittingly compared those to a frozen chicken on the kitchen counter, and just about as cold most of them actually leave me. One of the remarkable exceptions that I stumbled over recently had a speech bubble inserted over the flesh, saying "I melt in your mouth". I'm not sure if it was really meant that way, and the owner probably wasn't aware of the frosty comparison either, but I am definitively in favour of self-irony!

To keep the whole thing from turning into a small-minded and ill-natured ramble, there will also be positive matters to report. After all, some profiles actually do appeal to me. Based on those, I'll try to come up with tips on how the ladies, should anyone of them actually develop such a desire, might attract the positive attention of types like myself. Because of my original education, I have a probably highly exaggerated opinion about my own power of judgement with regards to questions of applied design. But maybe I'll still manage to hide a useful hint or two in there somewhere.

I used to dabble in photography a bit as a student. The historical german language name for the subject (literally: "light image") hints at what matters most in this context. The skillful play with light and shadow is one of the factors that distinguish a great shot from amateurish click-clack. Therefore I hope that I'll manage to squeeze in some technical tips once in a while, explaining how to produce technically superior images with affordable means (and no, the miniatures in my own profile won't serve as examples, a little more effort is still required).

So far my intro to blogging, with a bunch of at first empty promises... But I'll also promise to be more specific next time!

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