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4/3/2006 8:20 pm

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7/14/2006 4:54 am

looking for others

is any one else hear sick of this taboo shit.. moral shit.. like your should not have sex untill you get married... trust me.. do go there.. you might me married to some one and not be sexually satisfied and be hear looing for a discreat relationship.... me and my feiancee have an open relationship.. we keep no secreats from eachother and if we like to go for some one we let eachother know and go for it....with no recorse or fear of loosing them... there is no jeliousy and if we want to fuck some one we just say hi what to fuck.. if you live by the dogma and taboo type of life.. those pepoel shun us who live life to the fullest.. not because of how we are.. no its because they wish the could free them selves of all that bull they teach us when we are kids.. if you do that you will go to hell... bull shit.. life is ment to be lived not live life after we die.... heave will still be there if you live in balance... im my beliefs.. there is no seperation between good and evil... its all point of view... if the standard religion idea of god is so perfect.. than why ig god a jelious god... always punishing those that do wrong.. instead of treating us like children and saying dont do that give us a swat on the ass and put us back onto the right path..... hell i follow balance.. meaning god and devil there is no seperation... order and chaos.. perfection is the balancing point between the two.. the concept of yin and yang.... granted my view of the creator of all is neither good not evil but perfection.. and sometime sarcastic and playful.... i asked when i was little my preacher if good is all good then why would he allow there to be so much pain and suffering in the world.. he told me that is not gods dooing its the devil... you know what.. i almost died once by being cushed my a 3,800 lb piece of equipment... i saw god.... i been to heaven i have seen hell... you know what... its all in everyones head the seperation... you fuck up in this life.. your delt the karma stick.. take the paddle told dont do it again and then talked to sweetly about why you should not do it and then sent back to try again at doing things right... we are taught to cover ourselves becaus it is indecent.. that our bodies should be hidden for the world.. go figure why so many people have issues with there body and doing plastic sergery at a young age... of becomming over weight or becomming withdrawln from the world... i was one of them... you know what i was tought awhile i saw my body laying benith me on the opperating table all 4 time in the first 4 days after i was crushed... live life levery day like its your last... cast off the close say im happy with my body.. i like to have pleasure in my like.. call me what ever you like... you like sex.. than do it... you wont go to hell for enjoying what god gave us and made us to do... your male or female and been to afraid to live out the though to meeting up with someone of the same sex... you wont go to hell for having sex with the same sex... hell why would god wire some of us to be geared twards the same sex.. and if you christian propagan types jup on hear and start talking crap and saying its a choice.. ask ANY gay or bi person if it was a choice they way they are.. and we have sientific proof from your own people stating that we are wired diffrently.. so you want to come out and meet others and be free of that burden.. then come out... if you are attracted to your cousin or your brother or sister.. come on out.. there are no moral hag ups in hear.... and one rule do not judge others in hear.. you have no right to in MY blog.

and lastly if you are like me and you like near my area.. let me know we will go out and hang out and laugh at all those that walk around blinded to the fact they think we were banished from eden.. and us knowing we live in it and make it what we wish it to be.... innocence is what you make it....

so the call is out.. come out cum out where ever you are... the styers and nymphs are waiting to play

rm_scalewolf 38M
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4/3/2006 8:42 pm

i wrote this really fast so sorry about the typos...

anywho frogt to add.... the reason there is so much pain and suffering in the world is not to be a punishment.. its to give us a choice.. you choose freewill and knowledge of good and evil... there is a need for both so people can choose to follow all good.. all evill.. or the truest and most right path of balance... too much order and you loose freedom.. too much chaos and you the ability to be free.. too busy acting out or being afraid of wath some one might do to your or your family.. you balance order and chaos.. guess what you get ... they proage thats just right and makes you feel good.. happy.. safe.. lovd.. and belonging.. thats heaven.. not dieing and becomming servent to god always praising him/her... no.. heaven is being treated as an equil.. not and lesser or more.. but just being loved... everyone has at one time eqperience that instance of heaven no matter how hard of a life you have had.. trust me.. mine i would not push onto any one or wish on my worst enemy...if i had any...

so saying.. just be yourself and tell us about yourself.. your likes.. you interests... your wants and desires.. maybee some kind soul that pops onto this blog will answer your call and fulfill your desires... i mean that what this blog is for.. to come out.. cast off the blindfold and enter eden for the first time once again.. live life.. have sex.... enjoy all lifes pleasurs and be happy.. living life likes its the last day you will ever live...if your shy and fantisive about being in a master slave situation you you being confident and bold...and being the master... then you cum to the right place... if your married and want more than he can give you.. you come to the right place.. if you have fetishes that are shuned.. you come to the right place.. all are welcome.. just be honest.. non judging... and help eachother out.... if a guy or girl aint all that attractive and wants do have his or her supermodel fuck.. be kind and help them out... if some one hasa a fantasy that need fulfilling... hel that person out... look past looks and shallow nedd.. llok pask casts and all that shit... put a smile on some ones face and you shall be rewarded... if there are virgins out there that want to loos there verginity and not feel ashamed.. you come to the right place.. if you always wanted to be with a virgin.. you come to the right place.. all that should be expected is be kind and gentle with them and try to make there first time something positive to remember.. it your old and want some one young... young people help them out... we have always had the power to make heaven on earth.. tellme im wrong in my thinking hear? some one please... would it not be nice to ask some one if they want to have sex.. see past looks and just do it to enjoy what god gave use.. not be told.. eww hell no your ugly.... ugly people usualy become rich and famous... so do nerds and such.. and those beefcakes and babes.. turn around and can be found working at mcdonalds for those they use to pick on.....so help eachother out hear... he or she may not be all that attractive.. but you might be supprised to find they come well equipt and pleasure you better than anyone ever could...

let me know what you think and start chatting my my blog..


HeadGiver912 58M

4/9/2006 11:54 am

hey, stud. you got my attention!

Germaningeorgia 50M

6/2/2006 1:33 am


you should consider using a spell checker, you have so fucking many mistakes in your blog that I almost didn't grasp the concept of what you were trying to say. My tip: Use Word, run spell check and then copy and paste the text.


rm_scalewolf 38M
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7/14/2006 4:54 am

ill remember that

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