been a while since i last wrote  

rm_saucy_100 34F
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5/27/2005 12:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

been a while since i last wrote

it all seems you are really enjoying my blog ...
went out clubbing last week and i done something i have not done in a while. I went out all dressed up short skirt high heels low cut top and went out on the pull. I just thought to myself what the hell lets go out and get a fuck tonight. I was lucky i did not have to try hard i met a nice enough guy he was a lot older than me 32 but he seemed nice and i like the thought of a man with alot of experience we talked for a while and started kissing his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth. I knew from that kiss i wanted more and i could tell he wanted more to. We moved over to a quiet spot of the club and he put his fingers in my very wet pussy, it felt so good and so naughty, i grabbed his cock and i could tell i was turning him on, as he kept fingering me i knew i had to do something and fast so we went to the toilets... i know im crazy but i knew i just had to have him right then. We went into the mens toilets (never as busy) and lock the cubicle door the music was loud so i knew i didnt have to worry about my moaning. I pulled my skirt up and bent over the toilet seat. He shifted my thong to the side and undone his trousers and slipped it inside my drpping wet pussy, he was quite a big boy and as i felt it touch the back of my hot pussy i moaned louder and louder, he put his fingers in my mouth to stop me making so much noise it was so hard not to so i sucked his fingers really hard to stop myself moaning. I could hear a few guys coming into the toilet but this did not bother me i was so close to an orgasim i just could not stop. As i felt myself cum i turned round and sucked his really hard cock all wet from my pussy, i love the taste of my own cum and sucking his cock made me feel wild. When he cum all in my mouth it was so hot and tasted lovely. I could of really had some more but it was nearly closing time so we both slipped out and got on with our night like nothing happened. I like it that way no hassle. It felt really good and so naughty ... is there anyone out there that is as adventerous and as daring as me i wonder.... anyone ever done that before++++

rm_11Incher82 36M
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6/3/2005 1:13 am

Hey Saucy have you ever tried doing it outside in the open air one day me and my gf at the time went for a walk in the woods it was a nice warm day. my other half felt really horny and pulled me off the beaten track and had a nice full on session.

youngMAN198218 36M

6/15/2005 8:27 am


its a warm night out, u've come to meet me near my work and we go for a few drinks, after a couple of hours we're a little drunk and u go down to the toilets in that basement, i walk down a few mins later and wait for u outside, soon as u come out i ask u if anyone else is in the ladies the second u reply i lift u and u wrap ur legs around me and we walk through the doors into the first avaiblable cubicle i look the door and push u back onto the toilet but u stand back up straight away so i push u against the wall my body close up against urs, u cna fill my hard cock through my suit trousers as we kiss paissionatly, my hands are roaming up the back of ur skirt hitchin it up, i start rubbin ur pussy from behind runnin my finger tip up and down ur lips while my thumb tip rests on ur arsehole, we're kissin so passionatly now u make a grab for my cock and i push ur hand away and laugh, after a while i find myself down on my knees wiht one ur legs over my shoulder my tongue is softly flicking ur clit whiile my finger is buried deep in ur pussy, i carry on with this until i can fill ur thighs tremblin, u keep tellin me u want my cock in u but i ignore u!! then just as ur about to cum i stand up pull ur skirt up and tell u we're going back to urs now and u'll have to wait till we get there for the rest! the train journey is totoure we sit opposite one another i cna tlel u so want my cock as u can still see it bulgin im my trouers and there is nothing more i want than ur pussy but i dont let on as i want u to think im in control! we get a cab from the station to urs u let us in ur flat and as soon as we walk through the door i push u into the wall ur face pressed against the wall i pull ur skirt up and ur knickers down and bend u over i slide my hard throbbin cock into ur pussy from behind and take a handful of ur hair i start fuckin ur pussy really hard pullin ur hair to pull u further back onto my cock, ur pussy is gettin so wet its makin a slappin noise every time i thurst my cock into u! after a while i take my cock out and turn u around i push u backwards leadin u into ur room as we kiss, i push u back onto ur bed, its still light out and i can see ur sexy body in all its glory, str8 away i get down on my knees and bury my tongue deep in ur pussy movin it around inside u, ur pussy is so wet that ur juices are runnin down to ur arse makin it nice and lubed up so i cant resist sliddin my little finger in ur arse while i lick ur pussy u let out a great moan of pleasure as i do so, then i put another finger in ur pusst so now i have one in each hole and my tongue moves up to ur clit. i can fill ur pussy tighten up as i bend my fingers inside u and after 10mins or so u start virtually gushin out cum, at the sign of this i stand up pull u to edge of bed and ram my cock deep in ur pussy i start fuckin u as hard as i can so hard u cna fill my balls bangin against ur arse! u start screamin out in pleasure as ur juices continue flowin freely as my cock is pumpin in and out of u! after 15mins of relentless fuckin i can fill myself about to............

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