rm_sassy4u695 53F
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11/24/2007 8:24 pm

Well I Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Nothing like the Holidays to remind us what is important. I spent my Thanksgiving with my kids. My husband is still in the Middle East so we diecided we would just spend it alone. My son came home from college on Monday night, my daughter flew in on Tuesday morning and me and the little one were already here. It was so nice to have us all home. It seems like it has been forever since we have all been together. We all helped with making dinner. Well except my son...he was more interested in football and xbox than cooking dinner. He was more interested in eating it. He did make sure to put in his requests for dinner. Heck I think all the kids put in there requests for what they wanted. Seems everyone wanted something different. I actually forgot what it was like to cook for a group. Ok it was only four of us but is sure did seem like a group since for the last few months it has only been two of us.

Thanksgiving day we all stayed home cooked and watched old home movies. So hard to believe that we were the same people on the tapes. To see how the kids grew to be the people they are today. Watched a video from christmas of 1987 where my son was just a year old. Wow how time flies, he will be 21 in 2 weeks and it seems like that was just yesterday.

Friday we did some shopping,what a nightmare....I forgot what black Friday was like.. I have not done that since my son was a baby and wanted the power rangers and they were so hard to get. I dont think I will be doing black Friday again. I guess it was good I went ...it reminded me of what I didnt miss.

Friday night we went to the Hurricanes game..... that was fun. Been a while since we have all been to a game togehter.

Seems we all have such busy lives we forget the things we enjoy the most at times. Family times are so rare so I plan on enjoying what time I have with my kids doing something we all want to do.

Well tomorrow they are all off again and it will be the week of Christmas before we are all toghter again. It will be for a short time but I plan on making it the best that I can.

Sometimes when we are together I think I just want time to stand still.

I actually think I know how my parents felt when I left home.

I hope you all cherish your family time as much as I have this Thanksgiving. This was the first year that my two oldest kids have were out of the house. It was nice to see them come home and I sure hate to see them leave. But I guess that we all grow up and lead our own lives eventually...even if it is away form home....

Happy Holidays to all of you.....

Please keep all of the soldiers serving over seas and thier families in your prayers always but especially at this time of year.

"Don't let the thorns keep you from smelling the roses"

rm_hotdarter 48F
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11/25/2007 5:48 am

You have been talking about this for weeks now, and I am very happy that all went great! I ended up getting into a yelling match at the second family dinner on Friday with my Dad, but invited him out the next morning, just the 2 of us, for some quality time together. It is rare that he will accept this invite, but that just makes that much more special.

ncgirl2play 53F

11/28/2007 6:24 pm

sassy..glad you had a great thanksgiving with your family.
We cooked a huge meal also and enjoyed the company of my two sisters
and my niece, joe and cathy and tittylicious and her hubby....
even sent food to our neighbors who had lost a brother and didnt cook. I enjoyed the time with my family and friends and it was a great holiday....still I cant wait to see all my AdultFriendFinder friends again
take care girl, we all love you

Tittylicious68 50F

11/29/2007 8:13 am

Sassy glad you had a great holiday with your family. Of course mines was spent at the hospital all day watching my grandson be born....it was wonderful to see and of course I was estatic (damn I am too young to be a grandma) but what the hell I enjoy it. I went to visit the rest of my grands but all went to see their great-grandmother and aunts and so forth. So I came home and enjoyed a late dinner. Hubby was at work so we talked on the phone for an hour All in all I enjoyed the holidays.

"The body, sluggish, aged, cold—the embers left from earlier fires,
The light in the eye grown dim, shall duly flame again;
The sun now low in the west rises for mornings and for noons
To frozen clods ever the spring's invisible law returns,
With grass and flowers and summer fruits and corn" Walt Whitman

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