Opening Salvo  

DictaLaxlyRamus 68M
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6/6/2006 5:20 pm
Opening Salvo

Well.... blog number three UP and running. The other two are on blogspot and cover things happening in my life and various political views. This one will devote time to musings of things AdultFriendFinder and sexual. (there seems to be a difference there)

One would think that, due to the nature of the web site, AdultFriendFinder would be a great place for horny people with time on their hands to get together and knock the edge off the sexual tension or lack of attention. The ads read well but sincerity seems to be seriously lacking in the vast majority of those posted by the fairer sex.

Now I actually READ the posts to make sure that what the woman offers, or is looking for, is something that I can actually provide as requested. IF what they want seems to be out of line with what I know I can do then I don't waste my time or theirs. It's just plain common sense.

One of the ladies I contacted several times seemed to be looking for exactly what I was able to provide in the way of a place for activities and the type of activities we both desire. Basically.... she just wanted a nice "drive by" fuck on her way home from work. Didn't have to be the best sex she'd ever had... just the best sex she'd had today. Her reply was quite the mystery.... "If I know you I'll write back." Doesn't that pretty much eliminate the possibility of ever meeting anyone on AdultFriendFinder? (Unless her neighbors are on here but then what would be the point?)

After being on AdultFriendFinder for probably 8 years at lease at various levels up to gold.... I have managed to connect with only one female. She was black and single and we tore it up regularly until she moved. (sigh) Even that took months and months of e-mail exchanges but those eventually did pay off well for both of us. Guys are much more honest about the whole sexual thing and do not tend to play all the silly games. With guys either there is some desire to get togeher or there isn't. If there is then things happen in only a couple of e-mails. No pretense.

I would think that once people of either gender got past about 35 or 40 they would figure out that this isn't highschool and that we're all big boys and girls. We all know what the hell sex is and that there is no reputation on the line like in the high school days. It seems that if two people are in the same area and are looking for the same thing..... and there is opportunity..... then sex should be the logical result. Granted that's a simplistic view but it's also supposed to be the prime reason the majority of us are on here. Have some fun/sex. The two terms interchange. Life it too darn short for all the freaking mind games.

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