What the fuck?  

rm_sarge1913 75M
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8/14/2006 4:18 pm
What the fuck?

Just sitting here jacking myself off, wishing I could hookup with another guy. Couple months ago
fella contacted me on this site and came over the next day. We sat on the sofa for awhile talking. He showed me some nude photos of his wife, another friend and his wife. His friend had a real nice hardon. Told my new buddy I would like to suck that cock. He told me he had several times. Pics of my friend's wife's pussy looked good but I wanted cock! Tood him I wanted to see his dick. We went into my bedroom and I stripped nude as soon as we were in the bedroom. I sat playing with my cock whilst he got naked. He was very overweight but had a nice cock. His dick was about 5" and soft. Asked him to lay down my my bedroom as I continued to pull my dick. Took his cock into my mouth as it was becoming erect and I loved it. I sucked that dick for several minutes until I let it slither out of my mouth. He took me into his mouth and sucked for a time but I wanted to taste him. Took him back in my mouth and sucked and jacked him off until he shot his load in my mouth. He tasted just fine.

Now, as I jack off, I recall the taste of his cock and the hot sensation of his cum shooting on my tongue. GOD I love the taste of cum. So much so that when I cum each day I treat myself to another load. Tastes just as good as another man's just don't get to suck the dick to get it.

Please let me suck you off too. 619 972 8601. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best days. David

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