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Hi all

I am a single mum of 37 year old with two kids . My birthday is in June and I am a Cancerian. My stats are 34F-25-35 and I am 5’6", long blonde hair and blue eyes. I am generally tanned and I have a belly button piercing and a small tattoo, which is my star sign, at the base of my back.I started modelling many years ago in my early 20’s and was going good at it, being signed up with agencies and doing the rounds of magazine work, when I met my future hubby to be a pub landlord in Bristol.At first I was really quite surprised at the reaction I was getting - really good ones, with photographers rebooking me and I was getting loads of work.. It turned out that I was quite photogenic and I guess you don’t know that til you try. I also found out that I loved to have my photograph taken.At first the work that I did was topless stuff and bikini stuff, and promotions work. However, as time went on and I got more adventurous, I didn’t mind getting my knickers off for the magazine shoots. In fact I quite enjoyed it and found it a turn on.Anyway, after a while due to personal reasons I gave up and started on a normal job. Well, I trained as an accountant and thought that my looks wouldn’t last forever. I do have an intelligent side too but the modelling is much more fun!!Two kids later, I found myself on my own and free again to do what I wanted. So when I got in touch with swinger friends again, I was again really surprised that they remembered me and more so that they still wanted to photograph and meet me for more sexy fun.Personally, I think I have got better as I have got older. I had a boob job done a couple of years ago and everybody asks me if this was cos o f the modelling work , but I can honestly say that most people I talked to about it didn’t want me to have it done, including my friends.
But me being me, didn’t listen to anybody and I don’t regret having it done at all. I was getting work anyway and after I had it done, I got the same level of work and if not more. The fact is that everybody loves my boobs. Nobody has said anything against them at all. Some of my photographers cant get over them, so much so, that they come back time after time.
I am a bit of an exhibitionist as you will see.

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