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7/18/2005 10:31 pm

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Look in the mirror what do we see? We may see something no one ever noticed before, but find it so clear in the mirror. Maybe were starting to show our age or see the person we have become over the years. Do we like what’s in the mirror? Well look deeper into our heart are we still happy with what we see?

Then look into the soul, are we still happy with what we see, Or are we saddened by what we have found out about ourselves? If we find it hard to look into the mirror, we should realize there is a reason for this. The reflection of our inner self is trying to let us know we have done wrong?

Or the soul is telling our heart to let us know this is not the way to be and should make it right before the soul let's the conscious know. To reflect the out come of feeling the guilt within. We can easily think "we just won’t look in the mirror then." But, if were afraid to look in the mirror to see our true self.
Then the subconscious has already come to know, and telling us there is no hiding from our true image. That we will either have to live with it, or make it right. So why hide the truth from our own heart if we don’t like what we see in ourselves?

We can seek out others in our life, or even a stranger and still never find the answers that our heart has come to question, and to presume that its just something we have to except. But in our quest to seek out answers we tend to forget to look in the mirror, and seek out the one place that holds the key to our hearts. Our own soul.

We must be able to trust our own heart above anything else, cause without being able to face ourselves in the mirror, and truly see what others have come to see in us. How can we see the trust in others as well? Look into the mirror and find all that is real in each heart, and then maybe all can find the soul to understand and respect what we've come to feel in our heart.

Where is it that we can't seem to look into someone's heart, could it be that we are afraid to see our true self, or we can't seem to be judgmental about our selves, and don't think there is anything wrong with the way we feel or act with others?

One who is true to him or her self will always find something to improve on in the mirror; all we have to do is be willing to see with our heart. When we need to understand why someone acts a certain way, we may find the answer within the mirror of our own heart. Within one's actions there is a reaction and this is true when it comes to a relationship with a friend, or a loved one. All that we show from the heart is transferred onto others as well.
With this in mind we may find the heart wanting to be in touch with our soul, and see all that were trying to disguise and hide from ourselves will be seen in its true form with in the mirror. Wonder where we stand in our relationship, often enough we tend to look in the mirror and find our loved right behind us, and think this is where he or she should be in a relationship. however, is this where his or her heart truly wants to be? Wouldn't we rather be at his or her side in life, and not always behind them?

So we shouldn't be afraid to look into the mirror of our soul. So many come to be surprised to what one has been hiding from his or her self. No matter what we find in the mirror it's not to late to see all that one feels is not wrong.

Look into the mirror, and seek what lies under the shell of our own heart and bring ourselves to see what kind of person we truly are, and come to let the heart tell just what it has come to find within the mirror of our soul.

The mirror can reflect a lot more than an image. If we could come to look deep within our soul, and find all that so may come to attack us for, does not have to affect, the reflection of our soul. All one may come to say ,bad about someone may or maynot be, what a loved one has come to find, in our soul. But it's what our soul has reflected to ,many come to see. It's who you see in the mirror ,seeing you .

Steve 6/29/05

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7/19/2005 5:26 am

very nice

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7/19/2005 6:41 am

We look at ourselves in the mirror every day and if we do not take time to observe, notice and enjoy the slowly changing immage of ourselves we will never see the reflection of our soul.

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