Office Fantasy Erotica  

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8/21/2006 9:09 am
Office Fantasy Erotica

I'll be sitting at my desk, alone in the office, bored and a bit horny...It's late, and everyone else has gone home, but I'm still finishing up a few things...

You'll walk in, short skirt, stockings, white blouse opened just enough, hair tied back formally, glasses on the edge of your nose. I look up from my work, letting my eyes wander over your body slowly, and you notice.

I realize that you've seen me evaluate your body, and smile, a bit embarrassed. You smile back as if to say that you welcomed my eyes carressing your figure.

We begin chatting for a bit, you tell me that you just stopped in because you had come back to the office for something that you had left behind and had noticed my office light still on. As we continue chatting and flirting lightly, I find myself growing hard beneath my desk. Looking at your smooth legs I realize that I am completely erect.

I silently thank god that I'm seated and my erection is hidden beneath the desk. Just then, you decide to come around my desk to see my computer screen...We had been talking about something that I was doing and you wanted to see it. Unable to say anything to stop you, you walk around the desk, and stand over me, looking at my computer.

And then you notice my pants are tented around my cock. You smile as I realize that you've seen it. I laugh a bit, and turn toward you in my chair.

"Don't worry, I think it's just my pants," I joke, and we both laugh.

Your eyes don't move and I notice that you're looking as though you, too, are aroused. I take this opportunity to ask you to sit on my desk. You do, sitting on the edge, while I remain seated in my chair...Our eyes lock as I let my hand begin to run up your smooth thighs. You bite your lip as my hands stroke higher and higher up you leg until I realize that you aren't wearing any panties.

"So this was your plan from the beginning then?" I question, and you flash me a sexy, devilish grin. I grin back, feeling my cock grow even harder. I tell you to lie back, and I spread your creamy thighs...moving my chair so that my face is between your legs, and I'm kissing your inner thighs just above your stockings...

You moan and sigh as you feel my lips getting closer and closer to your warm, already moist pussy. My hands move up your thighs, over your stomach, and up to your breasts while my lips continue their trail of kisses. Just as my lips reach the lips of your eager little box, my hands begin to carress and grope your breasts through your blouse.

My tongue moves inside of you slowly, and then out, trailing some of your nectar up to your clit...You gasp as you feel my tongue begin to pleasure you very slowly...Your nipples have become very hardk, and my hands are toying and rubbing them through yoru blouse as I begin to move my tongue in circles over your clit...

You lift your ghead up to watch me, enjoying the sight of my face buried between your stockinged thighs, enjoying the wet sounds of me sucking and licking your hot clit...Wanting to feel my hands against your flesh, you unbutton your blouse and lift your bra so that you can feel my soft warm palms moving over your hard, sensitive nipples.

My tongue is working faster now, changing patterns, moving from left to right, up and down, moving in small circles and figure eights...My licking speeds up, my tongue flicking over you distended clit as I suck it into my mouth, my fingers gently pinching and rubbing your nipples...You moan louder and lift your hips up off of the desk to meet me, coming closer to orgasm.

As you cum, I slide my tongue over your clit slowly, prolonging your orgasm, sending waves of pleasure through your pussy and entire body. After a few minutes of panting, and aftershocks, you sit up, smiling and winded.

"Now what?" you ask breathily.

"I thought you'd never ask," I grin as I pull you off of the dsk and bend you over it instead.

You gasp with surprise, bent over my desk, feeling your skirt being lifted over your ass, your tits pressed against the cold surface of the desk. I begin to carress and spank you ass lightly, ennoying the sight of your round smooth cheeks. Then you hear me unzip, and pull my stiff throbbing cock out. I begin to slap my hard dick against your ass, loving the sound it makes when it hits you.

Then I grab my prick by the base and guide it between your legs, so that my tip is pressed against your moist vaginal opening...and I begin to tease you with my fingertips move over your back lightly, giving you chills as I fuck you with the tip of my hard cock, torturing us both...

Finally, you whimper, "Fuck me..." At which point, I drive my cock all the way inside of you...slamming inside of you all the way to the balls. My hands wrap around your waist just above your ass, so that I can pull myself back and forth, pumping inside of you from behind. You feel my cock against your inner walls, my hands gripping you firmly, your nipples being dragged against the surface of my desk. You groan as you feel my hips slam against you, my balls slapping against your clit...

(i think i've typed for too long...if you want tot chat some time and finish this story or talk about some of your own dirty fantasies, i would love too...)

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