My Monologue on Monogamy  

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1/19/2006 1:04 pm

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My Monologue on Monogamy

...Which is more than a mouthful. So, monogamy; should you or shouldn't you? Obviously this is a highly personal decision and should never be dictated by politicians or religious leaders (imho, at least). Nonetheless, they try. And worse, people allow them to.

Historically, humans have rarely been monogamous. This makes them no different than 99.9% of the rest of the animal kingdom. From an evolutionary standpoint monogamy makes no sense whatsoever, as it inhibits the dissemination of genetic traits and can limit populations. Humans have developed a unique method of ensuring a good genetic mixing; wars. Wars tend to kill off a lot of the males, leaving the (presumably) successful survivors to procreate. Also, invading armies have for thousands of years left their genetic mark on regions. The famous red hair of the Irish didn't come from the Celts who lived on Ehrin's Isle, it came from the Vikings who regularly raided its coasts. And that's just one example. Many ancient cultures practiced polygamy regularly. How many wives did Abraham have, again? Or King David? In Roman civilization marriage was almost purely for political purposes, and nearly all Roman aristocracy would have an heir by their wife but many a plebian child by their mistress(s). This practice continued well into modern times, especially in Europe. In Victorian times it was so commonplace that wives of noblemen and middle-class alike came to expect it. And the women were little different. What's good for the gander is good for the goose as well, and many a Lady had a beu on the side to keep her company while her husband sought his delight with his mistress. It just wasn't proper to talk about it. Meanwhile, the various religious powers strove to condemn such practices with self-righteous zeal and since church and state were not at all separate in most countries and most times, so did the government. This gave the illusion that polygamy and extramarital sexual activity was "not acceptable" to society, when the truth was anything but! Most of society was doing it.

Today, recent statistics show that the average American male, by age 40, has had sexual contact with 12 different individuals. Interestingly, the average Australian male has had 22 different sexual contacts by the same age. I knew I wanted to visit Sydney for a reason... Monogamy is just as much a myth in modern times as it was in the past. It's just as hypocritical as well. Look at how many politicians and churchmen have been caught practicing what they preach against. When Clinton was raked over the coals for showing himself as a relatively normal American male, who was the bigger hypocrit, I wonder? The man who was supposed to live up to a higher standard, or the ones who tried to cast him down when he failed?

I am not ranting against monogamy per se. Between two true soulmates who meet each other's needs it can be, and is, quite beautiful. It can work. My marriage was successfully monogamous for many years, until we started growing apart. There is someone now, should life circumstances ever change, with whom I would happily be monogamous again. But unless and until, I shall be here following my natural instincts.

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