part 2  

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10/25/2005 10:19 pm

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part 2

From the very moment i met you, i wanted u the worse kinda way, but in my heart, i knew i didnt want to rush it.. All the interaction we had couldnt compare to meeting one on one.
Finally the moment arrives and were at ur place..

We share a drink to kinda break the spell we have going.

I want so bad to tell u how i feel, as I watch u sip ur drink, and wonder what u taste like.. I feel the urge to say it, and when i do, u take my drink &

before I kno it, our eyes are vibing & i feel ur lips caressing mine.

The kiss is so mind blowing, i wanna take u right here.. I know we have a lil alcohol in our systems, but the feeling u given me, is more than any alcohol can provide me. As our bodies become closer I can feel ur pants begin to expand, making my legs get weak.. I cant take it, i gotta have you, but I cant,

its too soon, i dont want to be just a quick one night stand to you,i want to be able to savor every inch of you and make it mean something.. You take my hand and lead me into the bedroom, oh shyt, its gonna happen, I have emotion after emotion going thru my head.. Oh how I want you to lay me down and make passionate love to me, and wake up in ur arms would be like any paradise I ever imagined. As your hands begin its tour of my body, and slowly undress me, all i can think of is, Yes, yes yes, but i really wanna say no no no... Im fightin with all my might to stop u, but the more i try and stop it, i end up assisting you in your mission. Oh my god your kisses got my body trembling and we havent even done anything yet..

We slow grind, as my panties begin to soak up the wetness that begins to form the more I feel ur body arousing mine..

I stare into ur eyes every chance i get cause i wanna feel the warmth of ur soul as i begin to push u down..

The moment arrives and what i thought I could take, I cant, Oh my god, is all i can say, as i toggle between grabbing ur head and the sheets on the bed..

Oh shyt, I try to pull u off, but u grab my hands so i have no control.. Ohhhhh, I moan and I moan and you take me to a level of xtacy.

Im tryin to hold my composure but before I know it my legs are shaking and I grab you with all my might, as I slowly release the juices that have been waiting so patiently to cum..

You slowly pull me to you as our eyes meet, and I hold you close.. I dont want this feelin I feel to never end, but im also tryin to get my leg to stop quivering.

I kiss your lips, i can taste me inside you, as I slowly kiss you harder, and wetter.. Your dick is so rock solid, its throbbin can be felt behind me, I look in your eyes to get the ok from you so I know this is what we both want..

I take the condoms and slowly roll em down as I stare into your eyes..

I then straddle you and slowly slide down your awaiting dick, oh my god, is all I can say. I can see you feel the same way, your eyes have clsd for a moment and your hands start to grab me in different places.. Our bodies begin to slow grind up and down, around and around, I bend down and kiss u, makin sure I keep eye contact with you....

Damn, my head hurts cause it feels so good, but I still cant figure out if were doing the right thing..

I put my arm around ur neck as u come in and start to kiss my nipples for they long for attention too.. I can feel u deeper inside me, my walls are vibing wit you ever so sweetly..

The walls echo our moans and groans, the sweat is slowly forming from the heat were putting off..

I dont wanna us to cum jus yet, so I slide off and let you take ur turn...

You choose to turn me over and kiss me on my back side, running ur tongue down my spine, shytt, i arch my back from the excitement your giving me. Damn, damn damn, oh how I want u back inside me..

You must feel the same, cause u raise me to ur level and insert ur dick inside me from the back. You grab my ass and pull me deeper onto u as our bodies grind to the new beat we just created.. You push it deeper and deeper inside me, im biting my bottom lip in pleasure as u grab my shoulders and pull me down harder and harder.. Ohhhhhh fuk, mmmm, I can feel my stomach turn as u pull into me deeper and deeper.. I can feel your almost ready to explode and so do you. but we wanna do it right, so you turn me back over, and once again, i meet them lovely eyes. that just warms me within..

I wrap my legs around you as u glide back into my zone. Now im pulling u deeper within me as our eyes and lips have once again locked into place.. I can feel the moment coming, I softly bite ur bottom lip to assure you, im just as ready as you are to take it there... And with that, our eyes meet one last time, before my legs grab u and squeeze you so tight, i think i might be cutting ur air off..

Just then, our bodies become magnets as we both explode into 1..

You slowly lay ur head down on my chest and I caress ur face while we try to get some kind of strength back.. But before we know it, were asleep in each others arms as I arrive in Paradise...............

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