sick day  

rm_sLimbcboy81 36M
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3/15/2006 3:57 pm
sick day

well finally after a year im sick grrr I tells ya. is anyone really readying this? well no matter is good for me to vent on the blog*sneezes* or on the keyboard eewwwww..Hmm maybe I need some neo citron or something. oh what makes one tick.. thats what Im pondering today. You can break that down many different ways it all depends. I currently have a friend that is a total dreamer....great idea's little funding for said Idea's but in all the dreaming very closed minded and at times verys ignorant. Has born with the silver spoon syndrome with a dash of better than others ism... what really makes this individualy tick. I would say whatever is in his favour and pays with the least effort and least inconvienience to said individual....With that said? Any idea's what else may make this individual tick?

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