The first time...  

rm_rushmilf 46F
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7/9/2006 6:22 pm
The first time...

The work in progress was actually a detatched scene, set in a restaurant following a scuffle with a drunken patron. Two men had been sitting at a round table, wolfing down beer and hamburgers, one lamenting the other's stalled love life. The opportunity for heroism leaves one friend to roughly escort away a drunk harassing a pretty lady diner, in turn leaving the man with the stalled love life to see to her needs.

The plan had been to build a romance story around these two. The man would be a famous musician - a well-known name, yet not so familiar a face that he would be recognized everywhere. The lady, fed up with false relationships. My idea originally involved having the famous musician adopt a false name to hide his identity, in hopes of wooing the lady by his own merits, and not his celebrity. The lady would eventually discover his deceit and seek revenge, yet fall in love with him anyway.

The work remained untouched until one day a friend suggesting I try writing erotic romance. It is a booming subgenre in an industry that brings millions to authors. I don't make millions myself, but it is my goal to one day write full-time so I don't have to punch a clock. Thinking of ideas for stories, I decided to revisit this restaurant scene. Slowly, with my imagination to guide me, the story spread to nearly fifty thousand words. It was published nearly two years and continues to sell. Three sequels are also written. All because I decided to try something new.

I enjoy the eroticism of romance, creating sensual tension between characters and exploring their passion in an explicit nature. I look forward to writing more.

Talk2MeVaLadies 62M

6/4/2007 1:50 am

You must be busy writing more books because oyu haven't written in your blog for almost a year! I do have a question for you though (if you ever see this). What band did "Love Spark Of High Heeled Boys"? The title of your blog brought the song to mind, and I can hear it in my head, but I can't remember who did it.

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