what men really do at home  

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3/15/2005 11:24 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what men really do at home

Have ya ever really wanted to know what men really do at home infront of the computer? most seem to say they are 10 inches long and have a body that could kill. I am bi, so I am with the women on this one! They seem to lie alot.
The women seem so mush more honest with themselves, I find it kind of.....strange. So this blog is my way of being honest with myself and you on my day to day life.
such as....I just had a coke and now I find myself infront of the computer looking to "hook up" or find a chat to help me get off for the first time today. I enjoy jerking off, what can I say. It feels good, and it hurts no one! It is like icecream without the guilt or something like that. Anyhow im out of hear and on to looking for a jerk off good time.


pulseofpleasure 60F
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6/6/2005 10:25 pm

Hey there, : )
I enjoyed reading this. Honesty is generally the best policy. Don't quite understand what they'd really have to gain from enhancing the truth. ?
Don't they think ahead to the "meet in the flesh" and know they'll have some explaining to do?
I too enjoy playing with myself, at least a couple of times a day. : ) It certainllybeats a beer any day to take the edge off as well.
Thanks for sharing.
Oh, and before I go I'd like to add... nice pic. ; )

txipis2 50M/50F

1/4/2008 3:47 am

lo siento no se ingles.

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