mmmmm head  

rm_rugbylove4me 53F
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5/4/2006 1:07 pm
mmmmm head

And then there was a cock I couldn't wait to suck. I started out by licking the entire length of it because it just works so much better when everything is slick and wet. Gently sucking on the head and licking around the rim. My god it was so big I couldn't nearly get half of it in my mouth. He was ready for me to get serious though because he was starting to thrust his hips upwards and his hands were gently starting to move my head in the motion he needed to get off. This was definitely a job that required a helping hand. My mouth was no where near able to get very far down on this masterpiece so I grabbed the lower 40 with my hand and kept working the upper 40 with my mouth. It took awhile for me to get a rhythm in sync since I never needed to master this technique before. My mouth was always sufficient but this guy was different in such a neat way...For his part he was urging me on with,"baby that feels good" or "oh baby" and he has got the sexiest deep voice in the world so I was getting soaked down below myself. My new learned technique was starting to wear me out and my jaw was getting pretty sore when he did start to cum. And man, new equation for you: big guy (6'4"), big cock, nice size balls = copious amounts of cum. I did manage to swallow it all but it is beyond me how..

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