Welcome Relief  

rm_rsp54 59F
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3/13/2006 6:58 am
Welcome Relief

It sure was fun, but I'm glad that it is over. 9 days with the whole fam damily. It's a difficult thing. It is fun since my college aged children have become their own people. But talk about the extra work involved. The kitchen was dirty all of the time; they consumed massive quantities of food. The washing machine hummed at a constant pace. But I always seem to revel in the role of mom extrordinere. My kids seem to defer wasting their money in Cancun or elsewhere, when they can get four star service for free!!!

Spring Break is a great name, since I had a Day from Hell in the household appliance realm. It started when my husband used my coffee pod brewer and it broke. I went from pissed to frantic. The same day also saw break downs by convection oven, and hair dryer. Getting service for oven was a saga in itself. I basically diagnosed oven for a totally inept service person. The degree of rudeness and smug attitude in the service sector is mind blowing. I often have to take a deep breath and remind myself to calm down . I guess that I just don't take shit from anyone, anymore. Spring Break appropriately ended with my son breaking down on the highway, on his way back to school, sunday evening. Sounds like a real fun week. Dosen't it?

mskans 58M/56F
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3/13/2006 9:24 pm


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