Watch Them Decimal Places!!!  

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5/31/2006 6:43 am

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Watch Them Decimal Places!!!

At the end of last week I got a correspondence from my buddies at the irs. Their crack statitisticians, had determined that we owed them $13,000 from our 2004 taxes. How the fuck could this possibly be? Take a deep breath, now,and think. We have a very smooth, well informed,I can beat you at this tax game, expensive accountant. There is no fucking way that this statement holds any water.

Knowing the frustrations of actually reaching a real person at the IRS, I prepare myself for the task. With a fully charged phone and little tasks to perform while waiting, I call. I pondered letting the accountant handle this, but at his hourly rate, I'd try first, myself.

During my twenty-five minute wait, I see the problem. First off, a clients 1099 for the amount of $600, was posted as 60,00!!! Then another one for $20,000 was posted twice. When I finally get a human, I explain the problem. She is very efficient and immediately inform me that I need to speak to a data entry supervisor. I get transferred, without another word.That is, after an additional twenty minute wait.

This person pulls up my records and sees the errors I have found. She tells me that it will be reposted, and that I will have to pay the additional fines and interest, if any. I calmly ask if the irs will take responsibility for the mental stress that their inept employees have unjustly inflicted upon me. She says that I would have to speak to another department about that. I'm only joking, I add!! She dosen't get it. I'm just happy that it will eventually be straightent out. Or will it??? With two kids in college, there is now way I'm comming up with that kind of cash. It would be off to the pokey for me. She says that I will get a letter, concerning this matter in 6-8 weeks. Until then, I better start saving my pennies!!!

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