Things that Go Bump in the Night  

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6/1/2006 7:51 am

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Things that Go Bump in the Night

Did you ever have trouble sleeping the night before a big trip or special occasion? One night about ten years ago, our family was all packed for a much needed vacation to orlano. We had to rise early for a 7am flight. All the bags were packed and placed by the door.

We stumbled into bed about midnight. We had to be up by 4:30. Try as I might, sleep would just not arrive. I laid there listening to my husband's snoring. When all of a sudden swoosh!!!! I heard and sensed something fly past my head. Was I perhaps dreaming? Maybeso. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep some more.

Then the cat (a big, fat, neutered, good natured tomcat, named tj.) started hissing. It was odd, because he never hissed. Then he started running around the room, as if chasing something. I turned on a light, looked around, put the cat out of the room, and tried to return to sleep.

My husband, now awake, was in foul humor. All of a sudden, he starts swatting. I jump up and put on the light. Moving about my room in wild flight, was a flying squirrel!!! I was terrified...Rodents and rodent like creatures freak me out.

I immediately opened the bedroom door to let the cat back in. The two of them went at it for about five minutes, when the cat trapped the squirrel under the vanity.

By this time, all three of the kids were now awake. My oldest boy offered to get rid of it for me. It was still alive under there. He got a big rectangular laundry basket and a board to cover it. He somehow scooped the critter into the basket and took it out to the woods for release. It was so freaky.

Since we were all awake before it was necessary, I cooked a big breakfast, and we all sat laughing and recounting the adventure. We even determined that the visitor got into the house via the fireplace. Our first day in orlando would seem boring to life in the country!!!

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6/2/2006 9:34 am

When we used to live in Pennsylvania, we would have bats drop into the house from the attic -- using the small gap in the drop ceiling where it wrapped around the stone fireplace. Bats are amazing flying creatures. They do not flit randomly around the room the way they do when they are outdoors on the hunt for flying insects. When in a house, they fly in straight lines, back and forth from one wall to the opposite. The trick is to deflect them, perhaps using a broom, until you can get their path to include an open door or window. Lotsa fun, especially at night. Imagine soft "flit, flit, flit..." sounds.

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