The Saga moves Forward  

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9/26/2005 9:52 am

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The Saga moves Forward

My surgeon tells me that this is not a matter to rush. I find that hard to comprehend. The next step is to undergo an embolization of the tumor. A what? He explains that since the tumor has a very rich blood supply that this supply must be blocked before cut. How, I ask? A specialist called an Interventional Neuroradiologist must perform another arteriogram. He then shoots microscopic silicone based beads into the blood vessles that feed the tumor. This is all done via a catheter inserted in my femoral artery in my groin. Do it, I say, just wanting this thing to go away.

The bad news is that the medical center currently does not have such a specialist on staff. The good news is that they have hired such a person, but it will be two more weeks before he arrives from SanFransisco. So I wait two more weeks.

At this point I have trouble sleeping. No, I don't sleep at all. I learn the true meaning of zombie. My doctor gives me sleeping pills. I resist.

Two weeks finally pass and the procedure is executed flawlessly. Before it happened I was warned about the possibility of stroke from the procedure. People ask me how I can remain so calm. What choice is there? I guess I just care too much about my kids concern, to worry them.

It's back to the surgeons to finally schedule the removal of this blasted thing. I'm starting to feel like I'm a character in the movie Alien. I'm waiting for this thing to burst out of my body. I'm slowly losing it a little each day. Gotta do this soon.

The surgeon has the very serious informational session with me. It will be an eight hour minimum operation: chance of stroke, chance of death. If they can't get it out through my neck they will either have to: A) remove my ear and operate through the ear canal, or fracture my jaw and swing the broken portion away from my face to do it that way. Now the unplesant part! I will totally lose my vagal nerve (10th cranial) therefore one side of my throat will no longer function, my left vocal chord will be permanently frozen, and I will experience difficulty swallowing. Is it worth all of this trouble? If I just leave it there what would happen? Eventually I'd have a fatal stroke; no predicting when, though.

What could I do but agree to the operation? But now I'm much less calm than before. Was kinda sneaky how the doctor saved the good stuff till last. Oh yeah didn't mention the possibility of facial paralysis. But the team of four surgeons was assembled and I sorta got my affairs in order.

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