Sit Down and Have a Cuppa  

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10/6/2005 6:06 am

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Sit Down and Have a Cuppa

I have an extra special love affair with coffee. I love it, I love it, I fucking love it! I guess when it comes right down to it, if I had to choose between coffee and sex, coffee would win hands down.

There just aint nothing like that buzz you get from your first cup of that sweet, sweet nectar. But, wait! My intense passion for java has created somewhat of a monster. Give me a weak cup, and I'll probably rip your fucking face off!! You see, I'm mean when I smell coffee and Don't find satisfaction.

After my six month stint of eating or drinking nothing, my love for coffee became an obsession. I was on a quest to brew the perfect cup. What is perfect to some is not to others. Most Americans ascribe to the "more is better" theory. With coffee, this is not the case. I'd take one teenie, weenie espresso, over a super sized McAfuls river sludge.

Several years ago I was visiting a relative in Germany. She made her coffee with a strange machine that took what looked like round tea bags filled with coffee. It was the smoothest frothiest delight I had ever encountered. However, it only made six ounce servings(twelve ounces if you used the double setting) Even twelve ounces is not much by the standards set in this country.I returned home to the states envious of her machine, hoping that it would soon be produced in the US, since it was a great commercial success in Europe, but no such luck.

I tried french press, which was very good, but I had an issue with coffee grounds, and the temperature of the liquid. I used a grinder which did produce much better results. I even owned two different pots which ground the beans, these machines were a royal pain in the ass to clean and reassemble. I have tried just about every brand and variety of coffee known to man.( There is however a very prized, expensive, rare variety of coffee from South America that is actually coffee beans that have been fed to a rodent and then excreted.) I just could not bring myself to knowingly ingest excretement under any circumstances!

Then, one day last year I was shopping, and there it was, complete with wonderful Belgian coffee. I bought it immediately and rushed home to reexperience the delight I had previously discovered. These machines have not become all that popular in this country because of the price and limited availability of the coffee. I don't care. I purchase my pods(it's funny because in europe they call them pads!)from an internet site that has many delightful varieties. Yes, I pay more for my coffee, but now I drink less, and enjoy it beyond belief.

So the next time you sit down and really enjoy a cup of coffee, think of me. Coffee is a near religious experience.

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10/6/2005 2:58 pm

It's called Douwe Egberts, marketed in this country by Sara Lee.
D.E. is a very old Belgian Tobacco company. I guess they like to corner the market on legal addictions! Hey, if it's good enough for nabisco..what the heck!!!

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10/9/2005 5:46 pm

rofl I guess I weould'nt come no where near you until after lunch to asure you had that cup of coffee first

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