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rm_rsp54 59F
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2/23/2006 5:21 am

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3/27/2006 8:05 am

Just a Thought

The more I come, the more I want to come. I love to deviate, to be the deviate. Expanding the fringe can be most beneficial.Most people don't understand the power of exquisite orgasms. A sweet bitch with their face burried in my pussy. If that sweet bitch happens to have a dick, or a strap-on, dosen't matter. My appetite for exploration is massive.

4snflthoughts 51M  
23 posts
2/23/2006 5:33 am

What a wonderful thought that is!

loadeddice05 45M

2/23/2006 6:41 am

A woman who is BI is easily more attractive and sexy than any straight chick! So You go girl fu*k what you want!

rm_rsp54 59F
531 posts
2/23/2006 7:45 am

I am interested in all that is sexual. Maybe I need a good orgy!!

4snflthoughts 51M  
23 posts
2/23/2006 2:43 pm

Orgy!?! Count me in!!!

kiwikid477 62M
99 posts
2/28/2006 6:19 pm

RSP, I can only say you are one very horny and sexy sounding woman, What any hot blooded males wouldn't give to get with you for anfternoon that would more than likely roll into the next day as you are both so fucking hot even if somwhat sore from over stimulation. The mind wanders with salicious thoughts

I love to read your posts must away as horny thoughts deem that I must mastubate again. (your fault- but don't feel bad I don't- in fact at the moment I feel real good.

rm_taw45 57M
15 posts
3/21/2006 8:06 am

count me in to i'll suck your nipples for ya anytime!

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