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6/21/2006 8:08 am

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I've been so busy,lately, that my head has been spinning. I got an impromptu visit from my sister and her husband, from Florida.

I spent all day Monday,(my birthday, mind you) cleaning and preparing dinner for a dozen, complete with a three layer German Chocolate cake. Everything was delicious!!!!! I'm just glad that I don't eat like that often. Last night it was dinner at my other sister's and a Scrabble death match, afterwards! I've been trying to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. Four bottles of wine were consumed with dinner on Monday. Even though I only had two glasses, I felt like crap the next morning.

My best friend has been comming over every morning to walk with me. We do about three miles, over hill and dale. We get to catch up on all of our family news and the latest crises within the families. We laugh, and give each other advice. She's a teacher, so summers are our time to catch up.

The looming possibility of having another tumor, got me to really appreciate the simple things. I have lots that make me unhappy, but I'm bound determined to accentuate the positive. I'll let my husband do his jesus thing. I have gotten past the hurt of emotional abandonment. Even though my lover is only physically available, on a limited basis, he's always there emotionally. He sent me the sweetest email for my birthday. It meant more than any material gift I received.

My kids are good kids, and for the most part, I'm very proud. The youngest is a continual trial. He's very moody. I think that medication would really help him, but that's a tricky issue. The husband thinks that all he needs is more faith. If the truth be known, that screwed up church is only making him more depressed. I just have to try harder to be supportive, while still giving him his space. I know there is no magic solution.

The weather is so fine and beautiful, I wish I could go to the woods with my lover. I long to squeeze my thighs tightly against the sides of his head. I want to hold the back of his head as he delights me. I long to watch him stroke his cock and cum, for me......oh, gosh I miss him.

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6/22/2006 7:14 am

I have just seen your blog today, and hope all goes well with your tumor. One can only hope there is nothing to it, and a simple proceedure will take care of it.

I envy your relationship with your lover, and would just love to have that chance to meet someone wonderful. I have a lot of time on my hands, and what better way to utilize it, then with a wonderful woman, with whom we might share that physical and emotional contact.

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8/5/2006 2:15 pm

We should get together for a weekend of glorious sex.

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