Family Woes!!!  

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7/6/2006 4:23 am

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Family Woes!!!

My son is troubled. Last week, he came to me and asked if he could go to see a doctor because he is unhappy all of the time. In our family, depression runs deep. I even suspect that he may be bipolar. He's severly depressed currently, so depression is a best case scenario. Two of my sibling's children are bipolar. My niece had to drop out of med school because of it.

So I tell his father. His reply,"What does he have to be unhappy about?" He just dosen't get it. If jesus dosen't solve every problem of the world, he dosen't want to hear it.

Of late, I have been listening to the interaction between them. My husband never listens. He would much rather preach. He always preaches. It hurts my head. Granted, our son is impulsive and foolish. But constant preaching and eternal grounding is not the answer.

When report cards finally arrived, his last grounding was lifted. He has a group of friends who live at a local lake. The crowd at the lake have somewhat of a reputation as being a bit wild. Much of the rep is sensationalized by jealousy of other kids. But, yes, there is lots of money and opportunity for trouble.

I have been trying to keep lines of communication open. He's a tough nut to crack. But, I have been making great strides. He told me that they went to a swimming hole at some falls about thrity miles away. My husband immediately freaked out and said that he wasn't to drive in cars with his friends. He's almost 16, for crying out loud!!!! He tried to make him promise that he wouldn't. My son refused to make such a promise and aske my husband,"Dad, did you ever have any fun when you were a kid?" My husband grew up on Army posts where you could walk and ride your bike to things. We live rurally. Short of sitting home, or having "MOM" drive you, you go with friends. The particular friend in question is an honor student, and a good kid. He drives a Tahoe...a fairly safe vehicle. I know that there will always be risk, where teens are involved, but I don't think that grounding is the answer.

Meanwhile, we wait until the 11th, to see a therapist. Playing family mediator is no fun. I hope the professionals can lift some of the burden!

VCF1962 106F

7/6/2006 4:48 am

Good luck with your son. It's a shame that his father doesn't listen. Male role models, good ones, are so important in the formative years, especially for boys.

As for the Tahoe - the vehicle is only as safe as the driver wants it to be.

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7/6/2006 6:38 am

I'm hope all goes well with your son. he is very lucky to have a mother like you watching out for him. dad really should listen a little better but not much you can do about that. i am from your area and i think i know the falls he wants to go to, i have gone there myself in my younger days and always had a great time.

rm_darkman1on1 66M

7/7/2006 6:46 am

My one son ran off with a drug selling porn queen when he was " 13 " . If the right seeds are planted and the door left open , they eventually turn out pretty ok . Good luck and keep that door open

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