Does it Pay to be Truthful????  

rm_rsp54 59F
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9/11/2006 5:32 am
Does it Pay to be Truthful????

This past week I was talking to a friend that I hadn't seen in quite some time. I was telling her about the struggle to maintain balance with everything going on with my younger son and his depression and bad behavior. She said that she understood perfectly, as her college aged daughter was struggling, also, but her problem was more alcohol use. She then told this story which blew my mind.

There was one of those college kid drinking parties at someone's apartment. The person who had the party was of age, but you know how that goes. Before you can bat an eye, the place is crawling with under age friends, joining in on the merriment. It's a universally typical scene.

My friend's daughter and a few of her friends(all about 19) did not run when the cops arrived. They were immediately arrested and given a court date. Here is where it gets weird. My friend and her husband told her that it was time she start taking responsibility for her actions, and that she should go to court and plead guilty and suffer the consequences. That is what she did. Her friends all pleaded not guilty to under age drinking. They were given a $119 fine for disorderly conduct and that's it. My friends daughter was charged with underage drinking and got a $500 fine and a six month liscense suspension. She will also be considered a high risk driver for insurance purposes, which should at least double the amount she will pay for the next few years.

My question: Did she really do the right thing? Our cookie cutter, one situation fits all justice system is indeed fucked up. What ever happend to doing the right thing?? No wonder this country has become a nation of dishonest cheats!!! I was apalled, to say the least.

Sorry, but I'm in a bit of a down mood. I know that the slide will end before too long...just had to vent. Later!!!!

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