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5/24/2006 6:45 am

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Why does life have to be so damn complicated? Why do I always feel as if I am being stretched in too many directions? You do know what happens to a Stretch Armstrong figure, when you pull and bend it too much?

Oh, back up here.Stretch Armstrong is/was(don't know if they are still made.) a very dense/stretchy weird doll that could be stretched by his arms and legs. It was fun for a few minutes. After a while, with normal wear and tear, An area in a seam would ,"blow it out the side".That was always the beginning of the end for poor Stretch.

Me, I sometimes feel that this is happening to me.As hard as I try, there is always another tug, in another direction. I wonder how and where my seam will break.

Even my relationship with my lover pulls me. It would be so cool to be with him all of the time. We both have too many loose ends to make that happen anytime soon.

Is it really too much to ask for a full time relationship with someone I can be totally free with? Pardon the incredibly bad grammar. But sometimes I just want to say, "fuck it all". I deserve to be revered. I deserve to be happy.

After my tumor was removed(almost 4 years ago) I decided that I needed to try to please myself more. I have always doted on my husband and children to a point where they expect it, not appreciate it. My fight for a difficult recovery, made me realize that I cannot take things for granted. I appreciate beauty. Loosing half of my voice, made me gain an inner voice. I'm tired of sitting at home, being prayed for by my husband and his church cronies.
I'm going to enjoy the outdoors, photograph nature, fish, and hike and camp. I resent that my life has little privacy.

So, once again, I resort to masturbation....sure feels good. I can have many fantasies swirling around in my head. I long for my lover's skilled lips and tongue. I can flip from dom to sub in a heartbeat.

Enough rambling....the laundry awaits. I can seriously be a drudge, at times.

The pic is from yesterday's trek in the woods.

Painted Trillium(trillium undulatum)
This is one of the most attractive woodland Trillium. It is easily recognized by the splash of pink in the center of the white flower.
Habitat:Moist, acid woods and swamps

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5/24/2006 7:35 am

You are deserve to be treasure...cherished. I agree that life is short, and we are ultimately responsible for our own happiness. But, when you have a family, you do sacrifice for them....and it does come full circle eventually. The picture is beautiful by the way.

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5/24/2006 3:03 pm

By the way... *I* am a grammar teacher (composition, literature... and... sorry to say... grammar).

I didn't see much wrong with what you wrote.

I wouldn't have objected if I did.

And... I'll take that back. I'm *not* a grammar teacher. More a philologist. I love words, languages, thoughts.... in any form. Mostly poetry.

S'long for now.


12pups 56M

5/24/2006 3:05 pm

See, there it is again. One of my AdultFriendFinder friends was just saying the same thing. We were commiserating with each other about our lives and her current troubles finding "friends with benefits." (Going up to see her in a bit.. wanna come? Um... she has some fantasies she wants to fulfill before she settles into another marriage and gets conservative... clock's ticking for her... but one of those is...well... that skilled tongue thing, does it have to be a "man" for you? I more than willing, but... judging from personal experience... she's.... ah, you can ask me if you're interested, because... no need talking that up if you're not)

But once again, we're in synch somehow. I was in the woods just yesterday taking closeups of different plants, different animal pics, and then some I will use as computer backgrounds... where the ground is a wonderful mess of bark shards and sticks. Glorious maze of woods-litter. Caught a picture of a crying Redtail high above me, going everywhere I was going. And an Oriole that just wanted to sing to me. Followed me tree to tree for quite some distance.

I love the woods. I love colors. I love... well I think I just love everything.

And I want you to know that you have an avid follower here. I'll shush again now, but I'm following, I'm listening.


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5/25/2006 4:52 am

Angel, thanks for the reassuring comments.

Pups...I'm glad that you enjoy nature. I know that I do!!!

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5/26/2006 7:32 am

The Stretch Armstrong hernia.

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