Adventures in the Wild  

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9/23/2005 5:43 am

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Adventures in the Wild

The weather is somewhat nice, so it is off to the woods with my lover. This is the nicest time of the year for an outdoor romp in the forrest. There is nobody there.(Unless you want to count the deer, bears, and various assorted critters who have visited our love nest)

Over the past 6 years that we have been doing this several strange things have happened. Like the time it was raining too hard for the woods so we stayed in the parking lot in my toyota previa. The wind was so bad that the van was swaying, but we didn't care. When we got home we realized that a tornado had gone through the park, very near to our location. We were oblivious, and quite lucky too. It seems that they had closed the park right after we had arrived.(that would have been a hell of a way of getting caught!)

Quite often we would take a picnic lunch on our adventures. One day while feasting on garlic tahini, and home made pita bread we heard rustling in the distance. I have never dressed so quickly in my entire life! There was a mother bear with two cubs approaching. I hope they enjoyed the tahini! The next time we went back, we found the somewhat mangled tupperwear container, completely clean.

And then I wonder sometimes... There is a naval air training base at the top of the mountain. The don't land there anymore, but they still use the wooded area for training missions. Just about every time we are there, a plane flys over. I wonder how fine of details they can see? I always wave, and try to wear my best underwear just in case. Any aviators or knowledgeable people out there know much about this? Just wondering.

So, it's off to my woodland sanctuary. See you all later!

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