A Rat In Tom's House Might Eat Tom's Ice Cream  

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5/15/2006 2:12 am

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A Rat In Tom's House Might Eat Tom's Ice Cream

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the stupidity of the general public in the U.S, these days? I know I should not generalize, but, it is daunting. While on vacation, my sisters and I engaged in some marathon shopping. No, it was a rainy afternoon; the beach was not plesant and shopping sounded good. Let's just say that it was a Tuesday Morning's kind of day.

My one sister and myself each were in a line with a nice friendly, but dumb cashier. I had for purchase, two china mugs, each priced $5, bearing a 30% off sticker. Ok, it is not rocket science figuring out percentages. Anyone who has passed fifth grade math should have it down pat. Anyone like myself, who has had fourth grade with a big ole mean german nun, packing a pointer, could do percentages in their sleep.(which I often did)

I was in line chatting with my sister when the cashier took my purchase, wrapped it, and proclaimed that my total was $8 even. Not paying much attention, not recalling the state sales tax, I handed her eight dollars and she handed me my purchase. BUT WAIT!!!!! I looked at the receipt, and there was original price $5...30% off price $3.74. WTF. I immediately told her that there was an error in my bill. She looked and listened and had not the slightest comprehension of my statement. I then informed her that thirty percent of five dollars was one dollar and fifty cents. She said that no, it was not, because the register said that it was a different amount. She then pulled out a laminated paper with a chart. Listed under five dollars was the price 3.74 in the 30% column. If the chart says so, it must be true. She had no clue. Even sadder was the fact that I do not even think that she had the slightest idea what I was trying to tell her.

I whipped out a pencil from my purse and did the math on a sheet of wrapping paper on the counter. Still, It did not compute. I then asked if there was a manager I could speak to. She said no, it was her day off. But she did call her co-worker over to the register. By this time there was a line of six people behind me, getting madder by the second. The second clerk was worse than the first. She said that the stickers had been placed on the mugs in error, thus making the price in the register incorrect. That had nothing to do with the incorrect calculations.

Not wanting to cause a scene, I asked if I could have their corporate address. Obviously, they could at least see that their programmers learned their Arithmetic. The woman got a frightened look and said that they did not have an address, but proceeded to refund me the difference.

All of this hassle for a paltry fifty-one cents. Was it worth it? You decided. But in my opinion, those fifty-one cents all add up over a lifetime. So...the next time you get something on sale...do the math....if you are able.

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5/15/2006 7:20 am

The next time your in a place like that, if your bill is something like $27.29, give them $40.04 and watch them lock up. They'll have no idea why you gave them four cents...lol. It's fun to confuse the dim ones.

ilsuconu 57M

5/15/2006 12:03 pm

And these kids represent our future?!?!? Lordy, help us!

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