Your booty has been Tagged!  

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3/24/2006 7:29 pm
Your booty has been Tagged!

I've been what now? I'm confused. No, no... I get the basic concept but I'm still somehow confused. Besides that I don't have six people to tag anyway. Am I allowed to tag the person who tagged me? Can I tag myself (sounds kind of naughty)?

So I won't send out tags. I will go ahead and take a shot at the six list. By the way, why 6? Why not 5 or 10? It seems like such an on number to use. And now that I'm thinking of odd numbers I realize I've never been on an airplane that had a row 13. In our enlightened age were still superstitious enough to skip 13 on planes? A company who's only job is to fly thousands of people around in big gas cans and they still are worried around the number 13?

1) Okay, I'm a bit distractable. I see something shinny that my attention is gone.

One of the problems with my "weird list" is that I don't really think of anything I do as being weird. I think of myself standing looking out my living room window wearing tube socks and a wristwatch, scratching my balls, and I think, "Me? Weird? How so?" And somehow I honestly mean it.

And I've looked over a couple of y'all's lists. Not that weird. If someone put down something like "I love putting on rubber underpants and stuffing them full of live mice to feel the wiggle around"... that might be a little weird. I can't think of anything like that.

2) I sometimes have extreme tunnel vision.

When I'm focused on something, that's all there is. A woman could be naked and gyrating right in my face and I would scarcely notice. Even if I did I probably wouldn't be able to shirt my attention until I was good and ready to do so. On the plus side, when my attention IS focused on the naked woman gyrating in front of me it's my total attention she gets. In face, sometimes she'll get more than I myself get.

3) I always sleep naked and I never wear underwear.

This is a good example of what I don't find weird. Sleeping naked is more comfy and underwear... what the hell has underwear ever done for me? Nothing!

I suppose the tighty-whities do keep the dangly parts in check. I wonder what the prehistoric hunter/gatherers did about that. Sure chasing down prey was difficult with the private parts bouncing around. Ouch! My dangly parts!

4) I drink a lot of coffee.

When I say a lot I mean more than most people do... I guess. That's what they tell me. I don't monitor other's coffee consumption so I really don't have a clue what "normal" is.

5) Once I signed on to once of those pay-per-view sites where you can get a private room and see some kinky stuff. I spent the whole time talking to the woman. I don't find this weird but I'm sure a lot of you do. She probably did too. But I found the conversation, which most of which wasn't about sex, very sexy. Since then I've been meaning to buy more credits and sign back on for the boobies! Maybe someday.

6) I stand in front of my living room window wearing only tube socks and a wrist watch scratching my balls wondering why people think I'm weird....

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