Marriage Contract, Page 4  

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Marriage Contract, Page 4

Birthdays & Anniversary

On your birthday you will receive one GBD that is good only on your birthday. On or before my birthday you will select and purchase a sex toy for yourself, this we be consider my birthday gift from you. On or before our anniversary you will select and purchase new lingerie for yourself. Lingerie may include a cameo & panty set, nice nylons & garter set, corset, baby doll set, a costume bra & panty set, etc. Lingerie does not include night gowns, or PJ's. The lingerie that you selected and purchased, will be your sleepwear for that night.

GBD - 4 for each


You are to pose for 20 photos per quarter on demand, unless your quota is filled. Outfits, toys, and poses will always be chosen by me. You must be freshly shaven on the day that photos are taken regardless of your shaving schedule. You will also style hair, apply makeup and nail polish as needed.

All photos are done in sets of no less than five. You have a quote of one set per month.

GBD - 3 if all 4 sets finished a month early
3 per set not expected
1 per quota met

Quarterly Negotiation

By the first day of each quarter you much choose how to keep track of your GBD's. You can either be given actual paper GBD's that you are responsible for returning to be redeemed, or you can choose to have them track on the computer.

By the end of the first day of each quarter you are to choose your "pet name" that you want me to call you by. Your choice must meet my approval, and noncompliance will be a 20 GBD loss.

This is not a contract; it is a description of rules for you. You can within two weeks prior to the end of the quarter request a change. If you request a change before that time you will loss 10 GBD's. Negotiations requested in a timely manner will be done after you are in your sleepwear. All properly made requests, will be consider. Changes made will be explained at the beginning of each quarter.

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