Marriage Contract, Page 2  

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3/25/2006 9:09 pm
Marriage Contract, Page 2

Good Behavior

Since there will be no trading, negotiations, or conciliations of any kind you are given chances to earn Good Behavior Days (GBD's). To receive GBD's you are to be totally compliant with everything requested and expected of you, and perform everything with complete and total enthusiasm. In addition GBD's will be given when you do things from the descriptions before when not expected. If you try to perform something not expected and I tell you no you will receive half GBD's. Specific GBD info is listed at the bottom right of each description.

Each GBD can be used to "get out of" doing the things request or expected of you for an entire day with the following exceptions birthdays, anniversary, shaving, and sleepwear. Unless someone is staying with us or we are staying with someone, then it can used for sleepwear also. GBD's can be redeemed anytime after you receive them to the end of the next quarter. You must notify me by 12:00 PM of the day you are using a GBD or it can not be used.

Misbehavior & Noncompliant

Misbehavior is when you complain about what is requested or expected of you, or when you try to negotiate something else instead of what was requested or expected of you. If this happens you will lose 5 GBD's per incident. It is also misbehavior when you perform half-assed. If this happens you will lose the GBD's that would have been give. If it continues after the GBD are lost then you are considered noncompliant. However, it is not misbehavior to state that there are specific situations requested or expected of you that hurt or cause pain. It is also not misbehavior to suggest ways to avoid those specific situations, other than to propose not to do them.

You are to do everything that is requested or expected of you, if you do not you are considered noncompliant. You are also noncompliant if you start something and can not or will not finish, even if you state that you are in pain or something hurts. If you are noncompliant then you lose three times amount of GBD's that would have been give. If you don't have enough GBD's to cover the lose, then you will be tied to the bed and I will do whatever I wish to you. This will continue every night until you are ready to be compliance, at which time you will need to apologize and explain how you are ready to be my sex slave again.

Sleep Time & On Demand

Sleep time is from an hour after we are in bed until an hour before the alarm is set for. You are to set the alarm according, and tell me what for time it is set for. It it happens that we are traveling or we are at an event, and we are not able to be home or in bed, then sleep time will be considered 11 PM to 7 AM. During this time you are not expected to "perform" anything, however at anytime I can cuddle, spoon, hold or touch you.

There are certain circumstances when you are to perform any and all requests immediately this will. On demand means what I say, when I say, where I say, and how I say. The circumstances are:

Anytime from 20 min after the kids are in bed up to an hour after we are in bed.
Anytime from an hour before the alarm set for to when the alarm goes off.
Anytime we are alone and without the kids.
8-11 PM and 6-7 AM when traveling.

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