Hello, 911? I'd like to request...  

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Hello, 911? I'd like to request...

Funny little story. Most of it is true too.

A few years ago I was working as a custodian at a YMCA. One morning I'm standing at the front desk, drinking a cup of coffee, talking to the woman working customer service. A man walks up to the desk with his finger wrapped in a towel. Not one of those tiny little sweat towels the place handed out for free. A great big bath towel. Maybe 2'x4'... wrapped around his pinkie finger.

Now this is a pretty big man. Not huge, but large. With tears in his eyes, bottom lip quivering, he said, "I dropped a 100 lb. dumbbell on my finger."

So the woman tells him she'll get a first aid kit. While she was gone he decided to continue telling me about this accident.

"It's bleeding," he said.

"Um hum," was my reply.

"I'm not surprised," is what I was thinking.

"I think it might be broken." he said.

I had nothing to offer him for this. A 100 lb. dumbbell? Dropped on a pinkie finger? Of-fucking-course it broken!

So the woman returns and starts looking at his finger. With a tiny child-like voice he asks, "Can you call an ambulance?"

A what? You can't be serious! Call an ambulance for your pinkie finger? I'm trying to sort this out in my mind. He want to pay something like $1,000, take a ride to the hospital, and... what? I know for a fact they're going to wrap it in some gauze, tape it up, give him a couple of ibuprofen's and send him home.

I looked at the woman who kind of shrugged and asked me if I would make the call.

So I did.

I called 911, identified myself as an employee of YMCA, gave the location, and told her I wanted to request an ambulance. The people gave me the standard questions they ask, "Is he breathing? Is he conscious? Etc." I was answering with simple yes and no's but I wanted to tell her, "It's just his fucking pinkie!" She told me that dispatch had put a call out and the ambulance would arrive soon. I hung up the phone and went outside to have a cigarette and wait for them.

The ambulance arrived and I greeted the EMS guys as they climbed out with all kinds of fun gear. They started asking me the same questions. I was giving the same straight forward yes-no answers. So one of them asks me, "What exactly is the problem?"

"He hurt his pinkie finger."

Now, like I said, I'm not making this up. They EMS guy looked at me and said, "Excuse me?"

"He hurt his pinkie finger."

I could tell they didn't believe me. I ushered them in to wear our broken hero was waiting. They say the towel and probably thought I wasn't taking the situation as serious as a towel that big would warrant. Then they slowly unwrapped the towel. Oh, the pissed off face both of them made. They didn't say anything but you could, at that moment, tell they didn't think this was worth their time.

And honestly it wasn't.

So they packed him up and cart him out to the ambulance. As far as I know he went to the closest hospital.

I think that's the conclusion. There really isn't much more to the story. I've only had to call an ambulance once in my life and it was for a bleeding, broken pinkie finger.

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