Girls Gone Mild  

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3/29/2006 9:47 am

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Girls Gone Mild

I saw a commercial last night and it reminded me of something embarassing that I once did. After seeing the "Girls Gone Wild" commericial like a million time I lost all judgement and bought them.

Now, I'm not a big fan of adult entertainment. Not that I have anything against it but it's a lot like window shopping. I've always seen it as "women you don't know, who don't want to ever know you, doing thing no one wants to do with you" entertainment.

But somehow the commercials for Gild Gone Wild made it seem like they captured something different. Something extreme and exciting.

"You won't believe what these girl do on camera!"

Lift their shirts... I believe it.

The funny thing is that not only was it not exciting, it is actually boring. Is it possible to make two hours of nudity boring? Sure it is. The movie Showgirls accomplished this as well.

Oh, and on the commerical, something I didn't notice at the time, when you buy a GGW video you become a subscriber and the start sending you a video like every 3 weeks and charge you $40 for the new video. It took a lot of calls and threats to get them to stop sending me the damned videos.

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