Another poem of my youth  

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Another poem of my youth

I'd like to post another poem of my youth. This one reminds me a lot of Robert Frost although I can't explain why. I'm a little impressed with this one because it actually contains both a story line and seperate scenes. And yet I think that is fairly well hidden and vague...

Dying Away

Blue waves wash over the child
The innocence of a new born day
The dying to the endless dawn
I closed my eyes and was soon overwhelmed
By visions of her face, her name
Wild and free like the land that once
gave her life and someday, without
prejudice, will also take it away
Cold winds turn her head to sadness
The depth of which can only be
described as caves
Dark and damp, lonely, bleak, miserable...

I reach out but nothing tangible is held as
sacred as the moment in time frozen in
my mind
Her vision blurred by tears
As mine by pride...

Time takes the stage and casts its spell
The devil laughs as I try to regain my
grasp on what is now a fleeting dream
I shout out the words I wished for yesterday
But nothing is heard...

A beauty so moving
Words cannot describe her fire burning
She shivers but stands her position
As if to prove herself
Stone like she waits the quiet...

The storm approaches rapidly and takes
both of us forcefully
I turn for cover but find nothing
I run, terror hitting me like shields of
rain and wind that could only
be created by the mightiest
of heavens fury
I fall to the ground in weakness
And lay there like a helpless child
And from the corner of my eye I see the
outline of a person
Her frame standing among that
she fears the most
And the rains back away
And the pulsating winds slow
And I keep staring...

She looks back to me with a sadness
Like the rain has washed away everything
Leaving only a child, tender and pure
I reach to her for help but she is no longer there...

All is gone but a shadow of a figure
And my soul felt a longing more
than ever for her
With eternity a breath away
I close my eyes and prepared myself
for sleep

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