one of those days...  

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9/29/2005 2:33 pm

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one of those days...

Momma told me there would be days like The cool breeze that came in this morning during my daily run woke up more than I realized.

I worked up a good sweat, came home, took a shower went into the work room. As soon as I sat down, the phone rang and my friend told me the speaking engagement scheduled for Friday was moved up to Saturday.

According to my friend, my requests were too much for the army and would not allow me to do what I wanted at the NCO club on base. I was an NCO (non-commissioned officer) and then I got promoted or should I say, commissioned as an officer. Anyway, because my arrangements were too "unorthodox," my friend said they would move it off base somewhere, some little town or hall. He did say that I'd have more time to talk and do whatever I wanted to do without any hangups. It's not that it was that complicated of a thing. I just needed some multi-media stuff, musical equipment, lights, etc. He also said not to worry about the folks I've got coming from CA (husband and wife...drummer and bassist). Part of the agreement was that I wouldn't charge for my part as long as the host paid for them to stay somewhere and they would get all the drinks they wanted. My friend apologized for the inconvenience but that reassured me it would be a whole lot better this way. Talking to a group of folks doesn't bother me...just the preparations. According to my friend they had to truncate the list and make it only Airbourne/Ranger types. He still anticipates about 150 to 200 at the hall. We'll see. At this point...whatever!

After that phone call came the dark knock on the door. It had an ominous tone to it so I walked up to the front door to answer it. It was the postman. He said he had an important letter from CA Attorney General to give me and needed my signature. As he handed it to me, I couldn't help but notice the thickness of the envelope. Attorney General...I guess I knew it was coming but not this soon. It was my "separation"/"divorce" papers. I said thanks to the postman without looking at him and I walked back into my grotto. As I held that heavy envelope, my hands and heart trembled. I guess for most guys this would bring a cheer or looked at it as a sign of future freedom and release but not for me. Not at that particular second. Even though I opened the envelope and the tri-fold paper burst out, I left it there on top of the desk and just stared at it. Minutes ticked by and I can't tell you all the thoughts that ran across my mind. I peeled back the blue cardstock cover and began to read the legalize. As I slowly read each line, it hit me. The words to an old blues song flowed through my mind. Knowing who it was from and the ramifications of it, I couldn't help but interpret this as her love letter to me. In a Dylan-isk way, I heard those words to music. Not sure who wrote it originally but my application of it to my present circumstance was all I needed...

Love Letter

Love letter.. straight from your heart
Keep us so near… while apart
And I’m not alone… in the night
When I can have… all the love you write
I’ll memorize… every line
And I'll kiss the name… that you sign
And darling then…
I’ll read again…
right from the start....
Love letter straight from your heart.

I’ll memorize… every line
I'll kiss the name…. that you sign
And darling then…
I’ll read again….
right from the start
Love letter straight from your heart.

I guess you could call those kind of letters coming straight from her heart.

Oh well, the day is almost ending and tomorrow is another day. Mother told me there would be days like

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