getting back into the swing  

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7/30/2006 10:49 pm

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getting back into the swing

We had our first gig since our van's engine imploded a week ago, which felt great. Before we played, we all had our little gripes with each other left over from spending 5 weeks together, and it showed in how we were treating each other. We've got alot on our plates with an album to record and no money, and shows to play without a van--but whenever we start our set by the end everything is forgotten for a while because its the best feeling in the world to have people singing the songs you wrote.

Otherwise, this has been a crazy weekend spent with a great friend who just got dumped by her boyfriend of a couple years...she's a great friend, and absolutely gorgeous, but making a move just isnt the right thing to do right now considering the circumstances. Its a damn shame though, haha.

I also got to see some of our best friends from the road, a band called the Specs (, who came up from NJ to play in Plaistow, NH. Brought em to Haverhill and got em trashed before they had to leave--it felt great to see those guys. Its a weird feeling to have close friends all over the place now, at this point there's people in North Carolina I see more often than people from my hometown. I guess thats what happens when you spend two of the last 7 months on the road.

Can anyone tell I'm bored but not ready for bed?

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