WHAT I DESIRE..........  

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4/13/2005 10:24 pm

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WHAT I DESIRE..........

1.) For my poetry to not suck

2.) To actually be a sophomore at this time next yr...

3.) For a girl/woman/babe/broad/chick/tomato to sincerely appreciate how much I truly ROCK!

4.) A girl whose face I can glare at the next morning and NOT second-guess myself

5.) A good break to happen in my favor, OUTSIDE of this college realm

6.) Girls that say they want nice guys and actually MEAN it

7.) People not treating me like I'm a little kid, simply because I'm barely old enough to be on this site...like what I say has NO meaning whatsoever

8.) A mutually fulfilling, non-sex-based sexual relationship (Good luck with that one, Drew)

9.) Get-out-of-my-rut sex

10.) A legitimate reason to beat off, not just from watching too much porn

11.) Females interested in me that AREN'T from Las Vegas...lol

12.) Kissing a woman like a hero in the half-light

13.) To go home, and forget about all this shit

14.) To actually be happy with myself, instead of just pretending it

15.) For someone to take the time to help make me happy...

================3~~~ ManMythLegend

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