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4/17/2005 4:52 pm

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Well, this was certainly unexpected, but I actually had fun at a party with more guys than girls!

We all felt like total white trash...we were just sitting in a trashed apartment smoking, playing cards, and drinking Coors Light, the biggest white trash beer EVER...all we needed was a Jeff Gordon poster hanging somewhere for it to be the complete Redneck haven...it was a blast.

Mike's friend Screech was drunk and kept singing the "Bacardi & Cola" jingle...eventually some of Mike's high school friends showed up after prom and hung out for a while, and their dates were VERY single, Very legal, and VERY hot (quite frankly, I was impressed)

But, like many things, the fun did not last forever. My ride bailed out on me, and Mike had to work, so I didn't get back to campus until 5 p.m. today! But, overall, it was a pretty good night.

Sorry, I don't really have ANYTHING interesting to talk about; my life isn't exactly captivating right now. Hopefully, when I get home, things will get much better.

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